depth of field - chantel guertin

February 2nd, 2015

Well this review is long overdue. Another ARC from the amazing ECW Press, this is the sequel to The Rule of Thirds by Chantel Guertin. Check out my review for that one over here, if you haven't read it already.

Depth of Field begins a couple months after the events of The Rule of Thirds. By now we know that our intrepid heroine Pippa Greene will be going to a photography camp at her dream school, Tisch, the university that her father attended. She's feeling nervous but excited because she is literally fulfilling her dreams. She's going to go and learn about photography and show everyone that she belongs there. This is her passion, this is her gift, and she's going to go out and prove herself worthy.


That's not quite what happens.

Without going into too many spoilers (again, read the book, silly!), Guertin once again examines a theme that many people can relate to. Though the story itself is quite enjoyable, I connected more strongly to the theme of big fish in a small pond being thrown into an ocean full of even bigger fish. Though Pippa is never grandiose or arrogant, she is confident in her abilities as a photographer. She knows that she's good because she's been told that she's good and was selected from many students to take part in the photography camp.

This resonated with me on a personal level. High school, for me, was just something to get through. By the end of the four years, I was bored out of my mind. I just wanted to hit university and be with like-minded people and explore and learn and grow. 


That's not quite what happens.

Like Pippa, I am confident in certain of my abilities. I know I am intelligent and that scholastically, I can fend for myself. However, I wasn't quite prepared for everyone in university to be like that. I suddenly felt overwhelmed by everyone else's knowledge, felt completely baffled by people's references, felt as if someone had clearly made a mistake by letting me in. I thought I was good, but these people... these people are much better.


That's not quite true is it? Sure, some people may have more knowledge in certain areas, some might be more talented and some are infinitely more intelligent. This does not, however, diminish my own personal worth, or Pippa's in Guertin's novel.

What Pippa and I needed to do, and eventually do do (heh heh) is learn to change our perspective, or depth of field. It does neither of us any good to compare ourselves to other people. The grass is always going to seem greener in somebody else's lawn, so really, why bother making ourselves feel shitty? It does nothing for us, and the other person you're comparing yourself to isn't going to stop what they're doing. All we can do is be the best version of ourselves that we can be, which includes accepting things that we may never become. 

I am incredibly grateful that there will be another Pippa book coming out because I am enthralled with these quick reads. Thanks so much ECW Press for sending the book along to me!

Not sure what's going to be coming up next on here but there will be something, I can promise you that.

Later days!