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Top 10 of Stranger Things 3

Top 10 of Stranger Things 3

A short dive into my favourite parts of my current hyperfixation, Stranger Things 3.

10. Moving in Stereo

I fucking hate Billy but this scene was gold. I love an 80s reference and obviously the entire series is based off of them but this one was unexpected and glorious. But otherwise, fuck Billy.

9. The friendship between Alexei and Murray


The unexpected friendship that bloomed from Russian scientist Alexei, and conspiracy theorist Murray was the bromance of the season.

8. Mr. Clarke and My Bologna


Criminally underused in every season, Mr. Clarke got an epic introduction this season underscored by the most appropriate artist of the era.

7.     The addition of Erica


A fount of one-liners, Erica was expanded into a real character in this season adding a good amount of levity, snark and girl power that has been sorely lacking.

6.     The Neverending Story

This scene cut the tension with the sweetest knife. I’m so unbelievably charmed by this scene, I could watch it over and over again (and I have).

5.     Relationship between Max/El


This was a big bone of contention for me last season where Max and El were somehow immediately rivals despite never really interacting. I was in dire need of some girls just being girls and this season delivered. Max and El’s friendship was a bright spot in this darker season.

4.     Relationship between Dustin/Steve


I loved these two together last season and I love them even more this season. I really have nothing else to say other than I could watch an entire series just starring these two dummies and be perfectly content.

3.     Relationship between Robin/Steve


This relationship could have gone in a very typical way

2.     The addition of Robin


Kudos to the writers for completely subverting what I, and I assume most viewers, believed Robin’s purpose was in this season. Not only was she the MVP of the Scoops Troop gang but she’s our very first out LGBTQ+ character on Stranger Things (pulling for a Will coming out scene in S4), which makes her damn important indeed.

1.     Steve Harrington


Steve has steadily become one of my favourite (maybe even THE favourite?) characters on TV. He’s been on the most steady character arc and though he may not be able to win a fight, he certainly has won my heart.

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