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Fangirl Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

Fangirl Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

Podcast of the Week


My latest podcast obsession has been a podcast I’ve been waiting for for a while, since I heard it was coming out. Crooked Media has been a big part of my life for the past year, despite not being an American, and let me tell you, when I heard they were coming out with a pop culture roundtable with Ira Madison III as host, I was hooked before I even heard the first episode. Each episode is full of quips, barbs and chants of “Keep it”, Madison’s catchphrase, which denotes a person/place/thing that we are no longer here for. It's my Wednesday morning treat, the perfect way to get out of bed, knowing that someone is talking about the importance of the Kim Cattrall/Sarah Jessica Parker feud, the value of Timothée Chalamet's denouncement of Woody Allen, and Catherine Deneuve being... Catherine Deneuve. Don't sleep on this pod.

Movie of the Week


In my efforts to see all Oscar-nominated films before the Oscars on March 4, I watched quite a few this week, including "Icarus," "A Fantastic Woman," "The Post," and "The Darkest Hour". What left the biggest impression on me, however, was Christopher Nolan's war epic, "Dunkirk". I admit, I was a bit of a snob about this one, not viewing it as anything worth seeing in theatres and boy am I regretting that snobbery. By far one of the most visually stimulating films I've seen in a long time, "Dunkirk" held me tight from the first shot of pamphlets falling to the ground to the final shot of a freed soldier, and didn't let me go. Nolan plays with time in innovative ways, telling the story from three perspectives, and the way those perspectives intertwine is inspired. The film is meant to be seen on an IMAX screen, but still looked unbelievable on rinky-dink TV. Also... Harry Styles bangs in it. Like... he's astoundingly good. My good, good boy is growing up. I didn't think I'd see another nominated film that touched me like "Call Me By Your Name," "Lady Bird" or "Phantom Thread" but I was gratefully surprised.

TV Show of the Week


This show. I don't even know where to start. I've seen two seasons of it in two days. That's unhealthy. And yet, I can't stop. It's so bad. But it's so good. And I hate everyone. But I love them all. They're so abhorrent. But I get why they did that. And all I want to do is watch more of it immediately. There's a definite schadenfreude I get out of watching bad people behaving badly, and that is at a prime in this show and I'm living for it.

Song of the Week

This song is sexy af. I could listen to it all day. It's got a great beat, it's danceable, and that's literally all I have to say about it. 

Zine of the Week

I found out about "Little White Lies", the film zine, through Tavi Gevinson's instagram, and now I've got myself a hard copy of the "Call Me By Your Name" issue and have now subscribed to the digital version. It dives deep into the process of filmmaking from all aspects, from the director, to the screenwriter, to the actors, and everyone in between. Each magazine is filled with incredible artwork, making you want to poster your walls with each page. It only comes out once a month, but each issue is dense and stuffed with goodies, enough to tide you over until the next one. 

A Fantastic Woman

A Fantastic Woman

I'm Back

I'm Back