I'm Back

I seem to have a resurgence in wanting to write every so often. It comes in waves. I get very excited about all the things I want to write about, how I'm going to write every day and then... nothing happens. And I've written about that too. *insert GIF of Peyton Sawyer literally breaking a record*

Anyhoo, I've set up a bunch of posts from today up until March 4, which is when the 2018 Oscars will air. I'm going to a live screening of the Oscars at Hot Docs, something I am DEEPLY looking forward to, for many reasons, but a predominant one is that it is free to attend. My plan for the next few weeks leading up until then is to take in as many Oscar nominated films as I can (right now, I have 3 Best Picture nominees still yet to watch, many documentaries and almost all the foreign films... we'll see how well I do).

My plan today was to watch "The Post" and "The Darkest Hour", however I believe my computer shut off before the files successfully transferred into my Dropbox so I may be SOL. I am contemplating checking out "Last Men in Aleppo" because it's on Netflix. Seems like good morning fodder. (WRITER'S NOTE: I tried to watch it, got about 10 minutes in, and couldn't take it. It was too upsetting. Don't know if I'll be able to go back to it.)

Thursday I will go to TIFF and see the Live Action Shorts that are nominated. I'm not sure sure if I'll have time to see the other shorts, but I will attempt to see Animated and Documentary if possible. 

I want to re-watch "Lady Bird" and "Phantom Thread". I've seen "Call Me By Your Name" four times already (and will be seeing it a fifth next month, with the screenwriter James Ivory in attendance), have already written a post about "Get Out" last year when it came out, and have just seen "Dunkirk" and "Icarus" yesterday (I am actually in SHOCK at how much I enjoyed "Dunkirk" to the point where I am seriously contemplating buying the Little White Lies issue that is dedicated to it... probably one of the most beautiful films I've seen in a long time... and I've seen "Call Me By Your Name" FOUR DAMN TIMES).

I did enjoy "The Shape of Water" but the further I go from it, the less I care. I have yet to see "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" and am both excited and terrified to watch it, due to the myriad of reviews I've received from friends and the online film community. I've seen "A Fantastic Woman", a film I'm still thinking about days later - the one word that comes to mind when thinking about it is "striking". I haven't seen any of the animated features, which is not on brand for me at all, but I do plan on watching at least "Coco" and "Loving Vincent". I will watch "The Florida Project" as I have heard it was snubbed for Best Picture and I will watch a movie where Willem Dafoe is not a villain. I also desperately want to see "Faces Places" but do not know if I'll be able to catch it in time for the awards ceremony.

We'll see where this journey will take me. After all this planning, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to follow through...


See you tomorrow!