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Veronica Mars (2014)

Please excuse any exuberance or over excitement that may occur. This review is also for those who have seen the movie. Spoilers ahoy!

We pick up 7 years after we last saw our favourite private eye Veronica Mars. She's left her sleuthing behind and is applying to law firms. She's started dating Piz again, who works at This American Life, and they live a quiet, nice life in New York City. But quiet and nice is not what Veronica Mars is all about, especially when she's dragged back to Neptune to help Logan who has once again been accused of murder.

My first instinct was to say that I loved this movie. I was happy as a pig in poop coming out of the theatre. The film was so risky to make as it was, it was amazing that it still captured what I loved about the show. Trying to revive a cult show with a film can go one of two ways: either a fantastic reunion of a favourite cast that makes all fans' dreams come true or it can fall flat on it's face trying and failing in it's nostalgic attempts at bringing back the good ol' days.

Thank God Veronica Mars was the former. 

I did decide to give myself a little bit of time after seeing the film to calm down and see if my feelings remained the same. I didn't want my review to be clouded by my nostalgia for the show. I was worried that what I had witnessed wouldn't hold up a week later in the harsh light of coming down from fangirling. 

Yeah, I love it a little less.

First and foremost, this is a film for the fans. In no way, shape or form is this movie going to be as enjoyable for anyone who didn't love the original source material. There are inside jokes, cameos galore and quite frankly a subpar mystery, which would be quite the disappointment for someone not familiar with the show. 

However, since I am a fan, a huge fan at that, I was okay with that. The characterization and dialogue was still as fully formed and quippy as I had remembered and it really felt like I had never left the wonderfully noir world of Neptune, California. Some may argue that since it's been 7 years, we should expect a bit of character development. To that I say... you're right. In a normal circumstance I would agree. However, I think that this movie would suffer. The fans want to see the characters they fell in love with so many years ago. Yes, it may not be plausible that they've barely changed, but neither is a 16 year-old private detective, yet we all went along with that.

There were a few issues I had, which were mostly plot based. I would have been more impressed with the storyline had it been Keith or someone else Veronica was close to in Neptune that brought her back. The corrupt police corps was a fascinating storyline, which could have easily been the main mystery of the whole film. As it was, we were given a pretty uninspired whodunnit that was not altogether too difficult to solve. 

Having the movie revolve around the new Sherriff Lamb would have given the Celeste Kane scene a little more gravitas, Weevil's storyline would have been beefier and it would have gotten Veronica to come back to Neptune for someone other than Logan. It's hardly as if he hasn't been accused of murder before. We've seen this before. Give us a little variety, please.

That being said, I am perfectly happy that the movie ends with Veronica and Logan back in their 'epic' relationship. I was never a big LoVe shipper but honestly, those two will never be happy with anyone else. They're both so damaged and broken and they complement each other. I am also thrilled that it was Piz who ended things with Veronica. They were never a good match, and he's finally come to that realization on his own. Now he can finally move on with life, because Veronica will never be able to move on with hers.

Despite these few nitpicks, this still remains an entertaining film. I still love the characters, I still love the repartee, and I still love that world. Yes, there are things that I would change but all in all it was a fun ride. Maybe not epic, but it was definitely marshmallow-y goodness.

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