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Teen Wolf Recap - 3x04: "Unleashed"

Recapper: Briana of Tarth

Ruling: B+


The alphas fuck around with our main kids and Stiles is the only who cares enough to finally figure out who or what is killing all those people.


Previously on Teen Wolf: An Alpha Pack is in town. Allison finally knows what happened to her mother. Derek’s presumed dead sister is actually alive. Virgins and sacrifices. Human sacrifices. Isaac’s dad used to lock him in a freezer and it was awful. 


Vet. Some random hottie has brought his dog in and Deaton is giving his dog a shot. The dog is Bullet, whose brothers Beretta and Trigger are at home; “military family.” Once it’s over, Scott gets adorable and starts petting the dog, who immediately rolls over and starts whimpering for some petting. The owner smiles: “Looks like someone knows who the alpha is.” Scott is taken aback, but quickly covers with a smile. Deaton looks on. He always seems to know more than he tells.


Outside, Hottie is trying to get Bullet into the car, but the dog refuses and runs off down an alley. Inside, Scott is checking the stool samples and uncovers mistletoe, which is poisonous when ingested. Back outside, Hottie is calling for his dog. He hears something under a dumpster and leans down, trying to coax Bullet out. He reaches under and his hand gets bitten. As he sits back up to look at his hand, he notices Bullet across from him. Instead of grabbing the dog and leaving, Hottie proves himself to also be Not That Bright, and he bends down again to see what vicious creature bit his hand. Bullet starts whimpering and yapping. A whisper carries on the wind: “Closer. Come closer.” NTB listens and his eyes go wide.


Back inside, Scott can hear Bullet barking. He goes outside to check what’s up. Bullet comes running up to him, but NBT is nowhere to be found. The same Dark Knight Rises chanting starts up again as we zoom out into the darkened alley.




School. Blake is walking to her classroom first thing in the morning. I don’t know if this is the morning right after the last episode, but you think she’d be a little more wary of being in the school alone. She hears a noise and, scared, runs to her classroom. She breathes a sigh of release as she closes the door. Too bad Derek decided sneaking up on a recently attacked woman was a good idea so she screeches the moment she sees him and grabs a pointer for defense. Hee. 


“What do you want? You going to threaten me, tell me no one’s going to believe me? Try to scare me? Kill me?” Derek just wants make sure she’s okay. She starts babbling about physical and emotional okays and her therapist. Derek gives a soft, small smile. It occurs to me that we’ve never seen Derek smile unless it was to rub something in or it was malicious. He advances and gently takes the pointer from Blake. He thinks she’ll be fine.


He tries to talk with her about The Crucible, her next assignment for her class. She takes his words as a subtle threat and he just smiles again. I like that the one time Derek is really trying not to be threatening, the person he’s facing is a nervous babbling mess. He can tell she’s okay and finally makes to leave. She asks who he is and they exchange names. Hers is Jennifer. He smiles again.


Locker room. Scott is telling Stiles about the missing NTB who left everything behind. Dog, car, wallet. Stiles has a bit of a one-track mind at the moment: “Could he have been a virgin maybe? Did he look like a virgin? Was he, you know, virginal?” For the first time in a long time, Scott gets the biggest laugh out of me. “No. Definitely. Deaton makes me have sex with all of his clients. It’s a new policy.” He has the biggest, goofiest grin on my face and I just want to hug him! Stiles doesn’t share my enthusiasm for Scott’s sense of humour. Scott drops the smile and says he doesn’t know. Besides, they don’t know he’s dead, he’s just missing.


Stiles is not letting this shit drop. You know why? “You know who else is a virgin? Me, I’m a virgin. Okay? And you know what that means? It means my lack of sexual experience is now literally a threat to my life! I need to have sex, like right now. Someone needs to have sex with me, like today, like someone needs to sex me right now!” At the last, he slams his locker door shut to reveal Danny who has been behind them and listening the entire time. 


“Alright, I’ll do it,” Danny offers. Stiles yelps and turns to face Danny. “Come to my place at 9. Plan to stay the night. I like to cuddle.” And here amounts to one of my favourite moments on this show ever. Stiles finally masters his initial confusion and says, “That was so sweet. Are you kidding?” Of course Danny was kidding, but I need to pause here and take a second. Because in that split moment, Stiles legitimately considered Danny’s offer. And when he said it was sweet, he wasn’t saying it sarcastically or in a scared way, he just really appreciated the offer and maybe even hope it was legitimate. This is one of now several instances where Stiles’ sexuality has been shown to be fluid and not the usual heteronormative seen on television. The idea of losing his virginity to Danny is totally plausible for a second. And Danny isn’t being treated as the joke, Stiles is. All in all, massive A+ to this entire interaction. You go, Show! Sorry, back to your regularly scheduled programming. Danny saunters away with a smirk at Stiles, who tells Danny “you don’t toy with a guy’s emotions like that Danny, it’s not attractive!”


Isaac finally shows up late, and the Coach starts berating his players. Cross-country is not optional, otherwise they’ll turn into a bunch of fat-asses. Of course, the camera immediately pans over the glorious naked torsos of Isaac and Danny. They are sculpted and beautiful and askjsad;lskad. They stand there in their perfect glory, unmoving. Abs and pecs and they just stand. And stand. Oh shit, sorry, it’s paused. I’ll wipe the drool and move on. Coach notices what I notice and storms out of the locker room.


Last sidebar for the next little while, I promise. And it’ll be short. I just wanted to share my theory that Danny is actually fully up to speed on all the weird shit going on in Beacon Hills. Between his close friendship with Jackson and the way Scott and Stiles talk about everything full volume while at school, I would love it if he was just totally in the know because he listens in. I mean, he didn’t even question why Stiles was freaking out over some missing dude being a virgin, he just made a joke and kept walking. He totally knows.


Outside, Isaac is lacing up his shoes when the Alpha Twins (who I think I actually need to start referring to as Ethan and Aiden) walk up behind him. Jesus, these first 15 minutes are a major love letter to Nike athletic gear. Way to be obvious, Show.  Cross country begins, and the twins take off full speed ahead. Scott stops Isaac, but he is pissed. “It’s them,” he says urgently, and he’s off. They’re all way ahead of the rest of the class.


Isaac rounds a bend and the twins are gone. He spins in circles until one of them comes out of the trees and knocks him to the ground. Before he can get up, he’s got a twin on each arm keeping him on his knees. “Ethan,” Aiden says, “I always forget. How many bones in the human body?” These two are sadistic fuckers, so Ethan growls, “I don’t know. Let’s count.” He prepares to break Isaac’s arm when he’s punched in the face by Scott. Yay! “That’s one,” Scott quips. Yep, the bone called Your Face.


Of course, with no regard for the approaching group of classmates, all four teenagers start wolfing out and getting ready to attack. A scream rings out, and they run towards it. The class is huddled around a tree where NTB’s body is held upright by a belt around his neck, just like Emily last week. “That’s him, isn’t it?” Stiles asks Scott. He doesn’t really need the answer to know. 


Back from commercial, Papa is arriving on the scene and trying to cordon off an area around the body. Stiles immediately pulls his dad close and shows him how the injuries are all the same as the last three bodies. You can sense the desperation in Stiles and his need to help and know what’s happening. But Papa is having none of it, and tells him he needs to stay back. He tells the Coach to get everyone back to the school. NTB’s girlfriend comes upon the body, screaming. The twins look on.


As they walk away, Isaac asks Scott and Stiles if they saw how the twins looked at the body. “Yeah, you mean like they had no idea what happened,” Stiles says. “Nah, nah, they knew,” Isaac says. Hate to disagree with the pretty, but I’m with Stiles. (Not that Dylan O’Brien doesn’t also qualify as the pretty, but I mean, have you seen Daniel Sharman?). Stiles is incredulous that anyone could not notice the lack of “werewolfitude” to these murders. He may not think it’s a coincidence that people started dying right after the Alpha Pack got to town, but he still doesn’t think it’s them.


Then, the battle for Scott’s affections begins. Stiles and Isaac stop talking, waiting for Scott to pipe in. He’s standing right in between them, and it’s adorable how Scott is so reluctant to answer. Come on guys, Scott is allowed to have two besties. Scott: “I don’t know yet.” He says Isaac has a good point, and he’s sceptical about human sacrifices. Stiles points out the incredibility of Scott being a werewolf whose eyes turn yellow and can heal from wounds. How can he not think human sacrifices are possible? Scott tells Isaac that Stiles makes a good point too. Isaac: “I don’t care. They killed that kid. They killed the girl who saved me. And I’m gonna kill them too.”


Two things: One, how does Isaac know they killed the girl who saved him? Unless this was discovery made off-screen that they just didn’t feel like showing us, which would be stupid. And secondly, Jeff Davis, we are three episodes later and you not only have not explained who that girl was, but she literally has not been brought up again. What the hell?


Derek’s apartment. Cora is doing pull-ups on a bar in the middle of the living room. Derek tells her to stop, she’s not done healing yet. Cora is tired of lying around though, and drops to do push ups. Derek’s a petty little sourwolf, so he kicks one of her hands out from under her. She gets up and starts to attack, but he easily holds her off until she screams at him, “Come on, fight back!” He releases her.


“I came back for this? I can’t believe I got my ass thrown in a vault for three months for you.” Bitch, don’t you dare. Derek would have totally done it for you in a heartbeat if he’d known you were alive. She came back because she kept hearing rumours about a powerful new alpha, a Hale, building a pack.  Does he know how she felt to realize he was alive? Um, I think he can imagine a similar feeling. Derek does not say this, and just says “Sorry to disappoint you.” 


An alarm like a truck backing up goes off, and a red light on the wall starts flashing. The alphas are here. Cora immediately attacks the balding dude, but he pins her down easily. Then aggravating as fuck barefoot alpha comes in fights Derek. She breaks a pipe off the ceiling, knocks Derek down, then pins him to the ground. Literally, like with a pipe through his midsection. It’s gross. Deucalion saunters in. “So, let’s chat.”


School. Morrell apparently teaches French as well, and begins reciting verb tenses of “aller” to her class. She finds Allison napping in the back of the class. She says her name. All of the sudden, it’s Mama Argent standing in Morrell’s place yelling Allison’s name. She awakes with a start and the class laughs. The bell rings, but Allison stays behind to chat. Morrell, in a vaguely threatening manner, says she’s worried and Allison should stop by the guidance office sometime. Allison: “Or maybe you should tell me what you were doing at the bank the other night.” Ooh, she ain’t pulling any punches. 


Morrell isn’t afraid to dive right in too, and says maybe Allison should be the one to spill. They stare each other down. Morrell gives Allison a pop quiz: if she can describe their situation with a word that’s the same in English and French, she won’t get lunch detention. Guess you shouldn’t have slept in class, missy. Allison has no answer. “Impasse,” Morrell says, with a truly awful French accent.


In that awful chemistry teacher’s class, he’s teaching inertia vs. momentum. Never missing a chance to insult his students, he says since they have far too much familiarity with inertia, they’ll begin with studying momentum.  In their seats, Scott is begging Isaac to give him a chance to find out what the twins are up to before Isaac goes off half-cocked. 


Instead, Isaac asks to go to the bathroom. With zero subtlety, Scott shoots up: “I have to go to the bathroom too.” But since Mr. Harris hates Scott, he doesn’t get his way. As he steps out of the classroom, Aiden and Ethan are waiting for Isaac at the other end of the hallway. Back inside, Scott is citing a medical emergency bathroom visit. Mr. Harris is an unprecedented douchebag and so he insists that if Scott’s bladder were to explode, he’d still say no. 


Back in the hallway, Aiden suddenly punches Ethan in the face. Well, that wasn’t quite what I expected. Isaac is confused too, but he doesn’t figure out the endgame quickly enough. Aiden keeps wailing on Ethan until his mouth is bloody and he’s down on the ground. Instead of turning and running, Isaac stands there as Ethan is thrown at his feet. On cue, the classroom door opens and everyone sees Isaac standing over a bloody classmate. Adorable, naïve Danny is at Ethan’s side. “He just came at me,” Ethan says. I mean, I get that it will piss off Scott, but what exactly are the twins accomplishing here? Oooh, Isaac gets detention. Oh no?


Back at Derek’s, there’s still a nasty ass pole straight through the middle of his body. I’ll tell you right now that Derek spends pretty much the entire episode with a pole through his body and blood dripping from his mouth and it’s gross and slow and annoying. Anyway, Deucalion is apologizing to Derek. “I told Kali to be gentle.” I may hate her weird barefoot thing, but I sort of love her don’t-give-two-fucks attitude when she says, “This is me being gentle” and twists the pole a bit then.


But then I remember I hate her again because Derek winces in pain and his breathing is laboured. Despite this, he immediately tells them to let Cora go. See, Cora? You ungrateful little brat; he has nothing but concern for you. Ennis (I finally succumbed and looked up the bald alpha’s name) breaks his hold on Cora’s throat. She shoots to her feet and rushes over to Derek, but he stops her with a shake of his head and a whispered, “no.” 


What does Deucalion want? Does he want to kill Derek? Deucalion isn’t that boring. “Don’t throw me in with sociopaths like your uncle. I’m a man with far more vision than simple murder. In fact, I’m here to show you just how much vision a blind man can have.” Deucalion takes off his glasses and his eyes glow the familiar alpha red. I wonder when we might start getting hints about what it means when a werewolf’s eyes glow blue like we’ve seen in previous seasons with Derek, Peter, and Jackson. 


School. Scott is following Isaac, beseeching him not to let the twins provoke him. I forgot to mention earlier, but as a follow up to his peacoat/scarf combo last week, Isaac is wearing a cowl neck grandpa sweater that still looks utterly fantastic on him. “They’re just trying to get to you,” Scott says. But Isaac notices that it’s not just him, and finally someone other than Allison notices that Lydia has started seeing Aiden. 


Scott listens in to their conversation by Lydia’s locker. Aiden’s actually being all sorts of adorable with Lydia, and finally has a facial expression, so this scene goes a long way in making at least one of the twins an appealing Teen Wolf character. He wants to see Lydia tonight, but she has to study. He offers to help, but Lydia is crazy book smart, so instead Aiden offers to let her help him. She pats him on the chest and leaves. He smiles as she walks away, then turns that smile towards an eavesdropping Scott. Isaac scoffs at Scott’s stony expression: “Now they’re getting to you.”


As per usual, Stiles is involving himself in a criminal investigation in the least helpful manner. He’s spying on NTB’s teary girlfriend finishing up giving her statement to the police. The deputy leads her into the hallway and tells her to wait right there before the deputy heads back into the office. Stiles jumps at his chance and pulls the girl, Ashley, aside for a quick second. “ I just need to ask you something really quickand it’s going to sound really, unbelievably insensitive so I apologize in advance.” At least Stiles tries to be upfront about how shit this is going to go. For a second, Ashley actually seems game to hear this question, but that will change right quick. “Was [NTB] a virgin?” He asks a few different ways before Ashley slaps him across the face. Natch.


The deputy has re-emerged and she pulls Ashley away. Before she leaves, Ashley reconsiders and tells Stiles that no, NTB was not a virgin. Papa is not happy with Stiles right now. Please god let Papa learn about all the supernatural going-ons soon so that he won’t think Stiles fucks with his investigations for fun. He rails on Stiles, pointing to the FBI agents who have just arrived: “They’re pulling together a task force to help because it looks like we’ve got a full-blown serial killer on our hands. Do you get that?... Then what are you doing?” Stiles looks so defeated when he admits that he’s trying to find a pattern.


Derek’s loft. Kali twists the pole some more and it makes really uncomfortable squishy sounds. Blood is starting to drip from Derek’s mouth. “You’re killing him!” Cora screams. “Not yet, little sister,” Kali taunts, “but I could. Who knows if it’s five minutes or five hours until it’s too late to take this thing out.” Since this is Derek we’re talking about, I’m gonna guess he’ll heal up just fine. Just to be safe, Kali tells Deucalion to stop speechifying and get to the point. 


Deucalion wants Derek in his alpha pack. Derek immediately shoots him down. “But you haven’t even heard my pitch.” Deucalion doesn’t want Derek to kill his whole pack; just one beta. After one, he says, Deucalion won’t have to ask Derek to kill the others; Derek will want to on his own, just like all the members of the Alpha Pack already have. Kali says it’s liberating to kill your own pack. Deucalion tries to tempt Derek, asking if he’s want to be beholden to a bunch of maladjusted teenagers always getting themselves into trouble. Speaking of, he gets the feeling one of Derek’s betas is getting into trouble right now.


School, lunch detention. Of course, Mr. Harris is involved. He assigns Allison and Isaac as a pair to restock the janitor’s closet. When the two notice each other, it’s clear they’d rather pair up with anyone else. Isaac approaches Mr. Harris: “Does it have to be with her?” “Now that I know you prefer not to, yes, you have to be with her.” 


Hallway. Stiles is at the memorial set up on NTB’s locker; pictures, flowers, notes. Stiles is searching for clues when someone reaches by to attach an Air Force insignia. It’s Boyd. Stiles is happy to see him and says he didn’t know Boyd was back at school. “Yeah, I would have told you, but we’re not actually friends.” Well, that’s rude. Stiles asks if Boyd was friends with NTB. “I only had one friend. She’s dead too.”  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the only mention we’ll get of dead Erica. 


Janitor’s closet. Allison and Isaac come in a with a bunch of supplies. Isaac is looking around anxiously, checking to make sure the closet door is still open. Allison asks if he’s okay and Isaac just says he’s not a fan of small spaces. I have a bad feeling about this.


Allison wants to ask Isaac a question. Did Isaac tell anyone he saw Allison at the school the night of the full moon? “Was I supposed to?” Allison gives a small smile and says it would make her really happy if he didn’t. “Yeah, well, you being happy isn’t really a big priority of mine since you stabbed me. Twenty times. With knives.” Now I’m sure that the look we saw Isaac give last week was more shock that Allison was there and helping rather than the beginning of some attraction to her. Allison is pettily flippant about it, saying they were actually Chinese ring daggers. Um, not the appropriate response when asking the person you’re teasing for help. 


She does mutter a quiet sorry though. Isaac: “Was that an apology?” Allison: “Would you accept an apology?” Ugh, Allison, I know you’re stubborn and not big on admitting you were in the wrong about attacking Derek and his pack, but come on. Even if you don’t think Isaac would accept an apology, he more than deserves a sincere one. You stabbed him over and over, and you only stopped when you realized Gerard was a dick. Not even because Isaac was innocent. This dismissive nature doesn’t look good on you.


Before Isaac can respond, the closet door slams shut behind him and the lights go off. My gut clenches for Isaac immediately. Because this was the teenager whose father used to lock him in a freezer as punishment. This was the boy who, before he had any werewolf claws to speak of, left nail marks on the inside of a freezer lid as he desperately tried to get out. Isaac runs straight to the door and tries the handle but there’s a vending machine blocking it from the outside. “No, no, no, no, no,” Isaac starts muttering.


Isaac is beginning to panic. He takes off his sweater, he paces, he can’t stop moving. Allison tries to calm him down, but it’s not working. He’s getting more worked up with every passing second, and his taps on the door become full on punches. He’s screaming, hoping someone will hear him. Allison is calling his name but he no longer notices she’s there. Isaac’s banging on the door becomes interspersed with flashbacks to similar banging and screaming as he tried to get out of his dad’s locked freezer. It’s horrifying and scary and so sad. And I’m not surprised when the fear brings on the emergence of his werewolf side.


Those familiar yellow eyes turn on Allison. Isaac’s baring fangs and he growls. Allison holds up her hands and keeps saying his name, hoping to placate him. He comes at her, grabbing her wrists, and she just keeps screaming his name. Suddenly, a sliver of light and Isaac is being pulled off and thrown into the hallway. Scott is there. He barely glances at Allison before running to Isaac. He’s on his back in the hallway, still growling and trying to stand. Scott grabs him by the throat and his own eyes turn yellow. Scott’s voice is deeper, more resonant when he speaks: “Isaac!” Everything stops. Isaac’s eyes return to their natural colour and his fangs disappear. 


Allison walks out of the closet, clutching her forearm. Isaac sits up against the wall, breathing heavy. Scott pulls Allison’s arm towards him, and before we see the scratches, she’s already reassuring that she’s okay. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” Isaac sounds like he might cry, “I’m so sorry.” Allison says it’s not his fault. Scott knows the same. You couldn’t look at Isaac, who is shaking and scared and lost, and think he could control his panic. Scott: “I guess know we know they want to do more than get you angry. They want to get someone hurt.” Isaac wants to do something about it. Scott decides they’re going to flip the tables and the twins angry. Really angry. 


Outdoor school hallway. Or something. Stiles is following Lydia, harassing her about some temple in Calcutta that used to sacrifice babies every day. “Hey, you wanna know what today is? It’s dead baby day. Oh no wait, that’s every day because every day is dead baby day, yay!” Heee!! He says this in the most frantic motormouth way and if you haven’t seen the scene, see it. Dylan O’Brien is a master of delivery.


Lydia does not know why Stiles is telling her this. “Because Scott’s dealing with the Alpha Twins.” Lydia stops dead in her tracks. Fuck man, I cannot believe no one has told her about the twins. Especially since Allison knows she’s dating one. Stiles spells it out for her; Ethan and Aiden are alphas. Lydia goes along, pretending she knew, but she’s clearly rattled. Stiles doesn’t notice and keeps rambling about the sacrifices. Maybe they’re in groups of three: first three virgins, and now three people with little dogs. Lydia stops again: “I have a little dog.” Stiles and Lydia stare. “I’m not getting rid of my dog.” “Would you please just think about getting rid of your little dog?” Ha. These two have great chemistry.


Lydia says there’s no point in trying to discern a pattern from one data point. But Stiles refuses to not try. What else is he supposed to do, just sit around a wait for the next person to die? Lydia says maybe it’s not Stiles’ job to figure this one out. Strangling with a garrotte is a human thing to do. So maybe he should leave it to a human to figure out. “You mean someone like my dad?” Stiles asks. He sounds scared. “No, I mean your dad. The Sherriff. ” Lydia rolls her eyes and walks away.


Parking lot. Isaac and Allison are starting a motorcycle. Like a boss, Allison is giving Isaac a sparks notes version on how to operate the vehicle. They have a moment where their faces are close and their eyes lock. The two definitely have chemistry, but both characters love Scott so much that I can’t imagine this is actually meant to be a new romantic entanglement. 


I do want to say one more thing about the Allison/Isaac stuff going. I’m going out of my way to interpret their scenes as less than romantic when so many others clearly see this as the writer’s trying to drum up some drama. And I was reading another review for the episode when hey pointed out what was really bugging me about the potential pairing. If the writers are in fact trying to make me think Allison and Isaac are interested in one another, then it bothers me that they’re pairing up a young man who grew up as a victim of physical abuse with a young woman who viciously and violently attacked him last season. If the genders were flipped, I doubt we’d ever see the development of a romantic interest between a young woman who was abused at home and a man who once hunted her down and tried to kill her. I think that’s what makes it so uncomfortable for me to watch. 


Anyway. Allison tells him to try not to crash. Isaac scoffs: “Been there, done that.” Allison snaps a picture of Isaac on the bike and sends it to…


Scott. He gets the photo and goes to sit down in his next class. Right next to the twins. He looks over and smiles at Aiden and Ethan. The twins aren’t accustomed to the guileless guile Scott McCall seems capable of infusing in his smile, so they’re confused. Scott reaches into his bag and pulls out something clearly meant to be a motorcycle piece. “That looks kind of important.” The twins sit up a little straighter. Scott pulls out another piece: “I have no idea what this thing does.” It’s enough to get Aiden riled up, and he goes tearing out of class. 


Isaac is riding the motorcycle down the hallway. He breaks as Aiden comes running head on. Aiden is grabbing the front of the bike, demanding Isaac to get off. Isaac smirks: “No problem.” He flips right over Aiden’s head, landing in time for every classroom door to open and catch Aiden with his motorcycle. Ms. Blake is among the onlookers and she is unimpressed. “You realize this will result in a suspension?” Allison, Isaac, and Scott can barely contain their smiles as the twins realize their owns tricks have been used against them.


Vet. Stiles is visiting Deaton on his free period. He was on his way home to his dad, the Sherriff, who needs to figure out these murders but “it gets kind of hard for him to do his job when he doesn’t have all the information.” So Stiles started thinking, and he finally realized he should go to the one person who always seems to know more about what’s going on than anyone else: Deaton. 


Derek’s loft. An unnecessary close up of blood dripping down the pole in Derek’s midsection. How is this C Plot still going? Deucalion is going on about a whole being greater than its individual parts. We finally get some useful information when he says that when an alpha kills a member of its pack, it absorbs the beta’s strength and power. When he realized he could subsume a beta’s power, Deucalion killed the rest of his pack. He walks up to Derek: “You’re right, Kali. He looks like his mother.” Ooookay, thanks for dropping that super subtle teaser there, Deuc.


Derek calls Deucalion a fanatic. And then! Oh, and then this show grows to crazy levels of cheese and overacting. “You’ve never seen anything like me,” Deucalion says. The bright sun outside remains, but lightening begins to flash. His voice deepens. “I am the alpha of alphas. I am the apex of apex predators. I am Death, destroyer of worlds! I. AM. THE DEMON WOLF!” At the last, his glasses crack in circles where his eyes would be. Cora cowers in fear. Ennis looks on all fuck, this again? Kali finally removes the pole from Derek’s body (and it weirdly comes out completely clean). Deucalion calms. “I hate it when that happens.” Derek collapses and the alphas leave. 


School. Lydia is drawing a tree in her notebook. Danny comes up behind her, a trumpet in hand, and compliments her drawing. “You should be in art class […] since you’re not in music.” Lydia looks up, and she’s in the middle of a music class. As per usual, she’s confused about why she’s there. The class starts to empty, Danny explains that it’s the 15 minute rule. If the teacher doesn’t show up, you wait for fifteen minutes and then assume the class is cancelled.


Danny leaves, but Lydia notices some sort of phone or music device sitting at the teacher’s piano. It’s paused. She brings it back to the beginning and it’s the teacher recording his piano playing. She skips to the end where the song is cut off by the sound of someone hitting all the keys at once. A new sounds starts up, and Lydia leans closer for a better listen. It’s the same The Dark Knight Rises chanting we keep hearing in connection with the sacrificial murders. I think Lydia might have a clue about where the music teacher is.


Vet. Stiles is expositing a theory. All the symbols they’ve discovered, even the mountain ash, all traces back to the Celtic druids. And the druids were all about human sacrifices too. He cites a 2,000 year old body discovered in England with the same three-fold death: strangled, throat slashed, head bashed in. They also found the remains of a familiar plant in his stomach. Deaton cuts off Stiles and pulls out a branch: “Mistletoe.” Stiles realizes he’s telling Deaton things he already knows. So why isn’t Deaton telling the rest of them?


“Maybe because when you’ve spent every moment of the last ten years trying to push something away, denying it, lying about it, it becomes a pretty powerful habit,” Deaton explains. Deaton says that whoever the murderer is, he’s not a druid. He’s copying the practices of the centuries-old people who should have known better. In Gaelic, Druid means “wise oak.” The druids weren’t serial killers; they were scholars and philosophers who were close with nature and believed they kept it in balance. 


Stiles’s phone rings. He answers but says he can’t talk right now. Whatever is said on the other side stops him though: “Are you sure he’s missing?” It’s Lydia. “Not just missing. Taken.” She’s looking at a smear of blood on top of the piano keys cover. Dun! Looks like Stiles’ yelling at her last week to call him first actually worked. 


 School. Deaton joined Stiles and they’re helping Lydia search the music teacher’s classroom. Deaton asks for a copy of the recording of the weird chanting. Stiles asks for any sort of help Deaton can offer. “Each grouping of three would have its own purpose, its own type of power. Virgins, healers, philosophers, warriors—” Stiles cuts him off. Warriors, like soldiers? In the teacher’s desk, Stiles found a wedding picture and the teacher is in uniform. NTB was in ROTC with Boyd. Stiles runs off to call Boyd, but Lydia just had a thought. She knows someone else with a military connection. 


Cut to another classroom. Close up of a desk template that reads “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.” Pan up on Mr. Harris marking papers in his empty classroom. Whispering voices start. As Harris looks around, the chanting begins.


School hallway. Isaac is walking with Scott and says he wishes he could’ve seen their faces, asking if they looked pissed. I’m going to assume they’re discussing a totally separate occurrence from the motorcycle incident, because otherwise I’m confused. They stop when they spot the twins at the other end of the hallway looking none too happy themselves. The twins start shedding clothing. Scott looks like he’s wondering if he and Isaac are getting a striptease.


The twins do their merging thing. Scott has yet to witness this turning process and he’s appropriately creeped out. Isaac rolls up his sleeves: “We can take ‘em.” Just don’t get blood on that lovely sweater. Scott: “Are you kidding?” Without waiting for an answer, he turns and runs. Isaac doesn’t hesitate to follow. Hee. The Twin catches them in two seconds and tosses them down the hall. They’re about to attack when they see something and stop. It’s Deucalion.


He walks calmly past Isaac and Scott who are still on the ground. The twins separate and stand before Deucalion, faces blank. The Demon Wolf removed a lid from the end of his waking stick to reveal an arrow head. In a quick motion, he swipes it across the twins, leaving identical cuts on their left cheeks. The fuck? Weirdest punishment. I guess it’s supposed to be scary because it’s such a small cut and yet it sets the twins straight? Who knows. Without a word, Deucalion keeps walking and the twins turn to follow. Scott and Isaac haven’t moved. 


Deaton, Lydia and Stiles have made their way to Harris’ classroom and he’s no longer there. Deaton suggests he went home for the day, but Stiles picks up his briefcase and points out that he wouldn’t have left it behind. Stiles begins rifling through the stack of papers Harris was grading. “This test is rated R,” he says, confused. Lydia finds one rated H. They rearrange the tests and form a word. Deaton tells Stiles that if a wise oak was said to have gone down the wrong path, if a druid went evil, he was called a dark oak. “There’s a Gaelic word for that as well. Darach.” Guess which word the marked tests spelled out.


Derek’s. It’s night now and raining out. Lightening flashes. Derek is standing by the window looking out. Isaac says he doesn’t get it, did something happen? Derek says, “it’s just not gonna work with both of you here.” He’s kicking Isaac out under the pretence that it’s to make room for Cora. He says he needs Isaac out of the place that night. Cora is hiding behind a wall out of sight, and the rain hasn’t let up. Even for Derek, this is harsh. Isaac laughs, the kind of laugh that’s half nervous and half sure that the other person must be joking. “Where am I supposed to go?” Somewhere else. 


Isaac’s heart breaks a little more today. “Did I do something wrong?” Derek tells him he’s doing something wrong by not leaving. “No, come on, please,” Isaac starts begging. Derek snaps and yells at him to go as he tosses a glass at Isaac’s head. Isaac ducks and the glass shatters on the wooden beam behind him. Unlike in the closet earlier, we don’t need flashbacks to grasp the painful visual parallels between Derek’s glass throwing and Isaac’s father’s. It’s enough for Isaac. He grabs his bag and leaves. Derek hangs his head as the lightening flashes.


Sidebar: I know we’re approaching the end, but bear with me. There has been a lot of debate online about whether what Derek did was right or not. I think we can all agree that Derek was kicking Isaac out for his protection, not because it would be too crowded with Cora around. It also clearly pained Derek to have to treat Isaac like he did. This is the man who once felt so much compassion for a boy who was abused by his father than he turned the boy into a werewolf as a form of protection. Since then, Isaac has clearly been living with Derek and it would be hard to believe that they haven’t become a pseudo-family in the months they’ve lived together. Derek didn’t want to kick Isaac out, but “it was for his own good.” Which, fine that makes sense, but you can’t tell me that there wasn’t a better way to do that. Even if he wasn’t going to tell Isaac about the threat, replicating a fearful and traumatizing experience in Isaac’s life was too much. I don’t hate Derek for what he did and I don’t think he should burn in hell, but I am firmly on the side that screamed “Derek, how could you?!” at my screen the moment he threw the glass.  End sidebar. 


Scott’s. It’s still pouring. There’s a knock at Scott’s bedroom door and he tells his mom to come on in. But it’s not Melissa, it’s Isaac. Who – forgive me, I know he’s a woobie werewolf pup right now, but – is wearing a deliciously soaked through white t-shirt. “I was wondering if I could ask you a favour.” Looks like Scott’s gotta a new roomie. All I can say is, Isaac let’s get you out of those wet clothes and into something warm. Like my bed. Hubba hubba. 


Outside. Harris is tied to a tree in the rain, his throat constricted by a garrotte wrapped around the tree. A tree much like the one Lydia was drawing earlier. “Please,” Harris screams to someone, “please don’t do this. I did what you asked. I did everything. They’ll figure this out, and they’re gonna find you. You still need me!” In response, the Darach tightens the garrotte and Harris dies. The chanting starts up again.

Teen Wolf Recap - 3x05: "Frayed"

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