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Orphan Black

Chances are, you haven't been watching the insanely addictive, binge-inducing, sci-fi drama Orphan Black. 
I'll tell you right now, that is a big mistake.


If you haven't heard of Orphan Black, let me catch you up. The show revolves around delinquent Sarah Manning and a massive case of identity theft. Maybe identity theft isn't quite the word I'm looking for. How about, a massive case of cloning?

That's right. Sarah Manning is a clone, and there are dozens of her likeness floating around creating havoc while attempting to understand their purpose.

The best part is? Each clone is played by one phenonmenal actress, Tatiana Maslany. The whole show rests on her incredibly talented shoulders, all nine pairs of them.

So let's dive right in. If that wasn't enough to draw you in, here's some other things that may change your mind:

  1. It's a female-driven sci-fi show. That is rare as fuck. That alone should make  you stand up and take notice.

  2. It's immediately intriguing. Clones may not be a new topic of interest, but with technology moving along at the speed that it currently is, we may not be far off. 

  3. It's a never-ending story. Really, it is. The good thing about working with clones is that you can always create a new one to fit your needs (and easily kill off the ones you don't). 

  4. Even though the clones are dispensable, you still feel mightily connected to them (thanks in most part to Maslany's fantastic acting. She is really able to bring each character to life, so much so that you forget that it's all just one woman playing opposite a piece of tape.)

  5. We're left in the dark for quite a while throughout the show but the dialogue, plot and characters are so damn fascinating that it doesn't even matter. You don't feel lost.

  6. It's Canadian. Any show where I can see actors from Rookie Blue and Degrassi on a regular basis is fine with me.

  7. Felix. Sarah's best friend (played by the amazing Jordan Gavaris, with an incredible faux-British accent) steals every scene he's in and that's saying something when he's up against Maslany in most scenes.

Did I mention it's addictive?

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