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Character Rant: Kimmie Boubier from 'Super Fun Night'

When I heard that Rebel Wilson was going to be starring in a new comedy, I couldn't wait to see what was sure to be an excellent half hour of television. Three friends having crazy, hilarious adventures; what could go wrong?


I was sorely mistaken.


The series, created by Wilson, lacks any of the spark and excitment that Wilson has ever brought to the table in her numerous supporting roles. As Kimmie Boubier, Wilson loses her stellar Australian accent and subs it for a breathy, broken American one. As problems go, that's really not a big one. It neither makes nor breaks the show.


I could also discuss the show itself and it's contrived plot. Nerdy girls embarassing themselves (over, and over, and over...), blonde bitch stealing all the fun (and the boys), yada yada yada. Not only does this make for boring television, it's not even accurately depicted. Kimmie is trying to attract the attention of one of her colleagues, Richard (Kevin Bishop). The thing is, he clearly enjoys her company, at least as a friend. He's picked her over her nemesis Kendall (Kate Jenkinson) many times and yet Kimmie remains unconvinced. 


However, even this, is not what has caused me to stop future recordings on Super Fun Night.


It's no secret that Rebel Wilson is a plus-sized woman. Evidently, as such, so is Kimmie. The problem herein lies that Kimmie finds herself constantly needing to remind us of this fact. She draws attention to her weight and her eating regimen so she can beat us to the punch by ridiculing herself before we can. The thing is, we don't want to. At least, I don't. I was looking forward to watching a television show about a larger woman WHO DOES THINGS THAT EVERYONE ELSE DOES! By constantly pointing our her flaws, Wilson makes what could have been a relatable character into a parody: the fat chick who's always eating pizza, the big girl who can't get into her Spanx... the list goes on. 


What's worse is that the lines she gives herself about her weight and what she eats aren't even funny. She saves the funniest lines for her roommate Marika (Lauren Ash, who's execution is flawless). I could excuse it if it was at least entertaining. There's nothing wrong with poking fun at ourselves once in awhile, nor is there anything wrong with feeling bad about yourself and sharing it with others. I had just hoped that having a show run by a woman of a certain size could take it upon herself to show a more well-rounded (pardon the pun) character whose thoughts run the gamut of any other woman's. 


Having a little extra meat on my bones myself, I was looking foreward to being able to see someone similar to me on screen. When one considers the number of shows that star women, that are run by women and have women who are plus-sized in the leading role, this show may be the only one, at least in North America. I may be putting too much pressure on it to be progressive and cutting edge, but unfortunately, women have to set the bar much higher so that they can even register in the game. 


Hopefully this show will be able to find it's footing and find other ways to engage it's lead actress without resorting to lowest common denominator fat jokes. It would be a real shame to see something that could have had real potential flounder and sink. Perhaps Wilson can rely on her actual talent instead of pointing and laughing at herself. Then we may be able to laugh along with her. 

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