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Arrested Development - 4x13: "It Gets Better"

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of the new season of Arrested Development. Now, our George-Michael-centric episode.

Synopsis: We go through all four years of George-Michael's university experience and how he comes into his sexual prowess.

I didn't love this episode as much as the previous ones but it was still very enjoyable.

I really missed George-Michael this season, and we see him how we left him but we also see him grow into the Bluth that he's never been before. The lying is strong in this one.

There were some particularly great moments in this episode, like George-Michael's need for academic correctness over getting Maeby in bed, the real secret behind FakeBlock and the image that pops up on G-M's phone when Michael calls. (It's this, by the way.)

It was nice to see the transition from awkward kid, to awkward teen, to awkward adult but just like his family, George-Michael goes through some character changes too.

Not just there as AMAZING fodder for everyone else (George-Michael got some of the best lines of the series in my opinion, maybe just after GOB) George-Michael is able to take on his own life. He even adopts a new nam

We see him distance himself from the Bluth name and what his father has always told him was important. Ironically, by doing so he becomes even more like them.

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