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Arrested Development - 4x12: "Senioritis"

Welcome to the twelfth episode of the new season of Arrested Development. Now, our Maeby-centric episode.

Synopsis: Maeby, still trying to get her parents attention after all these years, is still a senior in high school. But, being Maeby, she still has a few tricks up her sleeve, like acting as her mother's pimp and taking on the role of getting George Michael's software company up and running.

Another solid episode, thank goodness. I was a little bit worried about Alia Shawkat having her own episode, not that I don't love her, but I just wasn't feeling Maeby in any of the scenes she'd had previously in the season.

I'm so glad to be wrong.

Maeby is just how we left her, dying for attention and ingenious in her bullshitting. It was nice to see her character have some growth but still act like the character we loved from the first three seasons.

It was really nice to see her back with George-Michael, their patter has always been fun to watch.

The most painful thing about the episode by far was how much she needs her parents and how unaware they are of those needs. Though we had seen their neglect many times before, it was by far the most powerful in this episode, especially when we find out that it was Maeby who acted as Lindsay's shaman.

Maeby's a tough cookie, however, and the she powers through, finding new and hilarious ways to get ahead (and get back at her parents, natch).

The fact that she ends up arrested for the same crime she had her father committed for is a fitting ending, but this will definitely not be the last we see of Maeby Fünke. 

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