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Arrested Development - 4x15: "Blockheads"

Welcome to the final episode of the new season of Arrested Development. Now, our second George-Michael-centric episode.

Synopsis: George-Michael gets suckered into buying a property in Sudden Valley by GOB. Unbeknownst to him, the neighbourhood is full of some... interesting characters.

I was so sure that this episode would be a round-up of all the characters, since all of them had had at least one episode dedicated to them. My second guess would have been another Michael episode. I guess it is fitting, however, that it starts with Michael and ends with his son, highlighting the dynamic that Ron Howard was so adamant about.

It was always about the story between father and son.

It took me some time to decide whether I loved or hated this episode. I'm going to go with the former. 

There were some amazing moments, like George-Michael frolicking with his neighbours, GOB's attempt at roofieing his nephew and of course the final scene. 

I went back and forth on whether the final scene was fitting ending or not, and after many hours of contemplation, I can say with certainty that it was.


Here's what goes down. After pussy-footing around each other all season, George-Michael and Michael finally have a heart-to-heart. They find out that they both have been seeing Rebel Alley and admit that had they known the other was dating her, they would've stepped off. This would have been all sweet and good... had Michael not found out about George-Michael earlier. 

Caught in a lie, Michael has nowhere to go. His beaten up face (from an earlier encounter with Lucille 2) gets another battering when George-Michael does what all of us (or at least me) wanted: he socks him in the face.

The season ends with an incredibly painful look on George-Michael's face looking into the face of the father he would have done anything for. As for Michael, his fate is worse. He has to look into the face of his son and know that their old relationship is over. 

He's Bluthed himself hard.

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