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Arrested Development - 4x14: "Off the Hook"

Welcome to the fourteenth episode of the new season of Arrested Development. Now, our Buster-centric episode.

Synopsis: Buster, abandoned by Lucille when she goes to prison, goes on the hunt for a new mother-figure.

I was so looking forward to a Buster episode, but sadly, this did not deliver.

Tony Hale is amazing in the role, as per usual, with his juice-benders and naivety, but I feel he wasn't given the material this time to really shine.

His dynamic with Jessica Walters was always on point and the episode suffered by keeping them apart. In fact, his dependency became creepier than usual. 

I enjoyed that Buster got to lose his hook and was given an even bigger monstrosity (and his little quip near the end that the newest version of his hand comes with a flute) and how he too becomes more of a Bluth when he swears revenge on Herbert Love.

Also, there was a hot ham water mention which is always a plus.

Sadly, that's all I can really say about the episode. It was nice to see the literal doctor back, and Lucille's reactions to him are always priceless, but the episode was quite blah for me.

What's even worse, is I just realized that it all has to get wrapped up in the next episode.

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