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The Bling Ring (2013)

“I’m a firm believer in Karma and I think this situation is a huge learning lesson for me... I want to lead a country one day for all I know.”

— Nikki

Between 2007-2009 a group of teens/young adults decided to rob celebrities they were enamored with. They got away with it. For awhile.

This movie is about their story, showing the troubled lives that only stolen Louboutins could fix.

I'm a fan of Sofia Coppola's, as is evidenced in my review of Marie Antoinette. This movie is no exception as she delves into the young wannabes lives and the stars they adore.

I'm reminded of a term Johanna Schneller used in one of her reviews: possession porn. This film is found guilty of the following charges: showing lavish amounts of couture, gorgeous furniture and outrageously large homes. Though visually stunning, this is where I get lost a bit and no longer feel as connected to the plot.

What interested me most about the film were the psychological issues that plagued each of our young burglars: Rebecca with her God complex, Marc's anxiety and eagerness to fit in, Nicki's narcissim, Sam's instability, everyone's intense chemical dependency... Yes, seeing what is actually in Paris Hilton's house is incredibly interesting (and a little bit frightening) but it got to be a bit redundant. After awhile, everything started to blend together. Maybe that was the point. 

This movie, like most movies, showcases the age-old dilemma of never being quite satisfied with what we have. It also shows us just how easy we get used to things and begin to feel entitled to them. And of course, everyone feels that because they can easily broadcast their thoughts across the planet, it's instantly worth spreading. Everyone can be famous for the most inane things (this is most obvious by looking at most of the Bling Ring's targets, celebrities famous for being famous).

As the kids' hop from parties to burglaries, one thing remains abundantly clear: they are bored out of their minds. Luckily, their pain is our gain as we see them spiral from the top of the food chain to actually getting their wishes granted: fame in a way they never expected. 

Final Tally: From a psychological standpoint, this film was incredibly intriguing. Getting inside the heads of these well-off kids and what pushed them to do what they did is fascinating. I could have done more with this, however, then the ridiculous amounts of montages of our little delinquents trying on clothes and rummaging through people's stuff.  

I give this film 3.5/5 stars.

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