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Fangirl Friday

Podcast of the Week

Interrobang with Travis & Tybee

Looking for a podcast that's just as ranty as you? Look no further than Intereobang . Travis and Tybee go deep with stuff that gets under their skin, like completly owning your personality, why Fall Out Boy is awesome and how dogs can't speak English, God dammit! Download it on iTunes.  

Foundation of the Week

Mat Velvet

I'm constantly on the lookout for foundation that will give me high coverage and won't slide off my face soon after I've applied it. I'm still in Make Up For Ever's camp, and am loving their Mat Velvet finish. You only need a little to cover a lot and it lasts A LONG TIME! 

Comic Book of the Week


I never read Faith Herbert aka Zephyr's origin story but she has re-emerged in her own comic book series, Faith  . Faith is a 'psiot' who can fly who used to be part of a superhero crime fighting team. Now she's out fighting crime on her own by night and works as her alias Summer Smith, a columnist, by day. Though not much has happened in the first two issues, what drew me to the comic initially is that Faith is a plus-sized superhero and LITERALLY NO ONE MENTIONS IT. It's glorious and I can't wait to read more. 

Ship of the Week


Jane/Michael - Jane the Virgin

I took a mini-break from watching Jane the Virgin  so I just binged the latest episodes all at once. I forgot how much I adore these two. Sweet, compassionate and so in love, they are the least complicated part of this telenovela. They are endgame and I am glad to be back on board #TeamMichael! 

Spending an Evening with Noel Fielding

Spending an Evening with Noel Fielding

Feeling Stuck

Feeling Stuck