Random Netflix Pull - The Lunchbox (2013)

It's Friday night and you need something to do tonight because you're still blowing your nose a ton from a cold that JUST WON'T END! (wait... that's just me?) You need something to keep your mind off your phlegmy insides. It's Random Netflix Pull time.

Today, you should watch The Lunchbox, directed by Ritesh Batra. 

A beautifully sweet movie about a lonely housewife and a lonely widower who start up an unlikely correspondence when Ila's lunchbox (that she has prepared for her husband) erroneously arrives at Saajan's desk. When the lunchbox comes home to Ila licked clean, she assumes her husband must have finally loved what she made for him. Alas, he offers no praise as the lunchbox never went to him. Ila decides to include a short note in the lunchbox for the next day which begins a back-and-forth dialogue between the odd pair.

The movie is so wonderful with some incredibly funny and heartbreaking moments. I highly recommend it.

5 stars.