Random Netflix Pull - Standby (2014)

Looking for a sweet, feel-good romcom filled with Irishy goodness? Look no further than Standby.  

Starring Jessica Paré and Brian Gleeson, Standby is about a lonely tourist aid at the Dublin airport, Alan (Gleeson), and a struggling artist, Alice (Paré), who happens to find herself stuck in Dublin overnight waiting for a standby flight to New York.

Of course, these two aren't strangers, but exes from 8 years ago. On a whim, Alan invites Alice to spend the evening with him. He would show her the sights, but absolutely no "funny business." Alice agrees and this starts a very long night full of drinking, honesty, getting caught in the rain, crashing a wedding and performing at a drag show. 

The movie is sweet, funny and simple. It's perfect for an evening where you can't deal with anything too challenging.