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New Format Coming VERY Soon

Hey Jane's Viewers.  

So I've been thinking of ways to not neglect this site so much and in my cold-ridden state I came up a new segment. 

It's going to be called Random Netflix Pull. It's going to be for all those times you're home alone and just keep scrolling through Netflix hoping to strike gold. Now, there will be a mini-database for it. 

It'll take a while to put together but I'm still wanting to increase my movie consumption after my years in film school and now is kind of the perfect time to do it.  

I also want to get diligent with my Fangirl Friday again. I love doing it and my likes and obsessions keep evolving. I want to keep documenting my growth as a pop culture consumer and this is the way to do it.  

First Random Netflix Pull will be tomorrow for the movie The Standby starring Jessica Paré and Brian Gleeson, a sweet romantic comedy set in Dublin.  

Later days!

Random Netflix Pull - Standby (2014)

Random Netflix Pull - Standby (2014)

Fangirl Friday