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The Revolution Has Begun on Mr. Robot

Looking for a show that will spin your head on its axis until you no longer know what's real and what's not? Looking for a show that is hacker-chic with attempts to bring down capitalist society? Looking for a show with a POC protagonist.

Starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater (in a show FINALLY deserving of his enormous talent), "Mr. Robot" is about an anti-social cyber-security advisor by day, vigilante hacker by night, played by Malek with unbelievable aplomb. Elliot, our protagonist, is twitchy, lonely, brilliant and an addict (morphine being his drug of choice). 

He also talks to himself.

And he also might be seeing things.

Did I mention that everything that's happened so far might just be happening in Elliot's mind? Or is it?

Having an unreliable narrator, because Elliot is our narrator and protagonist, is a very difficult thing to pull off. You don't want your viewers to lose interest because they have no concept of reality or what matters. 

Right now, the show is finely balanced, maintaining a decent amount of ambiguity of whether Elliot is really now part of fsociety, an Anonymous type group that is trying to take down the large E Corporation (which Elliot only refers to as Evil Corp), by hacking the system, or if it's something that he's just conjured. 

The head of fsociety is a man named Mr. Robot who is even more enigmatic than Elliot. The forums on Reddit go back and forth between whether Mr. Robot is a Fight Club-like figment of Elliot's imagination, or an extension of his personality, or if he's actually real and running the show.

So far, I feel like all of this exposition might not be convincing you that this is the best new show of the summer. But it is. 

The acting is unbelievable, Rami Malek is truly a revelation in this show. The writing is great, the conspiracy element is completely frightening (we do get a peek behind the doors of Evil Corp and oh boy, does it seem just as evil as Elliot believes) and it's shot beautifully. It's a mind-bendingly good time. 

Elliot is an incredibly compelling protagonist, despite his unreliability. He suffers from a social anxiety disorder and his way of getting closer to people is by hacking them. We get mini-glimpses into his childhood, which for all intents and purposes, looks like it sucked, hard, giving us a better idea of why he keeps his distance from people now. 

From its characters to its intriguing plot, "Mr. Robot" is sure to keep you on your toes in one way or another. 

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