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Scrambled Brains


I've become busy. 

I honestly thought busyness was for other people. I'm not exactly sure who these people are but their lives seemed to hold more importance than mine did.

But now...

I'm busy.

And, it's kind of nice?

I like having multiple projects to fulfill, even though, sadly, Jane's Views, is taking a bit of a backseat breather for a moment. I don't really want to keep it like that, especially since I'm so proud of it and all of my content on it. 

I love writing here and I don't want to give this site up. And I don't intend to. However, I think the content might shift a bit for a little while. 

Since is taking up so much of my time, and taking up so much of my pop culture brain (of which I am loving and am in no way complaining about), I think that Jane's Views might take more of a personal slant, more blogging instead of reviewing, but also an upkeep of my book and movie cataloging. 

It'll literally be about Jane's Views. 

My life is evolving constantly. I still pinch myself sometimes, not quite believing that I no longer live at home, no longer work retail, no longer am restricted by many things. 

Here's to change.


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