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Squeeing Saturday

We're back for another Squeeing Saturday! This is what's making me happy this week.

Graphic Novel of the Week

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

I first came across Noelle Stevenson's work via Tumblr. Her comics and cartoons were so unique and interesting and I began to follow her on social media. When Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell came out with a familiar cover, I asked Ms. Rowell (when I met her at an event at a previous job) if Noelle was the one to design it. She confirmed and that made the reading of that book even more exciting. I knew that I would need to get my hands on Nimona once it came out in physical form and luckily (as if she read my mind!), Sam went out and bought a copy of her own and VERY generously allowed me to borrow it.

Guys. You need to read this graphic novel.

It follows the titular (*hem hem* Scott Aukerman) Nimona and Ballister Blackheart. One thing about Nimona? She's a shapeshifter (or is she?). And Blackheart? Well, he's a supervillain (or is he?). The world in which the story is set is half-medieval, half-millenial, and all entertaining. The story is funny, touching and surprising. GO READ IT NOW!

Trailer of the Week

Supergirl Upfront

Okay, I admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first heard there was going to be a Supergirl TV show. And staring a Glee alum at that. But once I saw the trailer, all my fears were assuaged. 


I'm not going to get into some of the concerns that certain people have thrown at this trailer (let's just say, there's nothing wrong with being 'girly.'). All I'm going to say is that this is the show I've been waiting for. This is the show that brings everything I love into a beautiful package. 

This is the show that I would want to create.

Of course, we've only seen six minutes of it, but I'm already hooked. From Kara to (the SMOKING hot) Jimmy Olson, everything about this show looks like it could be a hit. Hopefully we won't hit the same bubble as Agent Carter (even I fell a bit off the wagon on that), but a new female superhero on TV is so positive. 

And the best thing is? We're not going to have to go through the growing pains of things like Smallville where our protagonist is SLOWLY figuring out all the superpowers that fans are SCREAMING at him to learn. Kara knows what she can do, knows her abilities, and she can jump immediately into being Supegirl. I MEAN, HELLO, SHE ALREADY HAS A COSTUME! IN THE TRAILER! It took Clark Kent NINE FREAKING YEARS to get one of those. So yes. I'm on freaking board.

Song of the Week

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

I actually heard this song a few weeks ago on Pop Rocket as it was guest panelist Jeffrey Jay's jam of the week. He was dead on by saying that it would become totally popular and commercial worthy. I can just imagine this being the new send off music for the girls on So You Think You Can Dance. Of course, this is the song that sends our previously discussed heroine into the stratosphere, making that trailer pack a serious punch and honestly bring tears to my eyes. I can honestly listen to this song all day, it makes me feel super powerful and like I can conquer anything.

Podcast of the Week

Throwing Shade

I used to listen to this show YEARS ago but somehow it fell off of my radar. But in my quest to find great female comedian podcasters (for a project that I can yet to speak about.... ooooh mysterious!) I decided to download the latest episodes for a blast from the past. 

Dear God, I missed these two. 

The show is hosted by homosensual Bryan Safi and feminasty Erin Gibson. Together they talk about everything worth throwing shade at, but also dig deep politically to discuss topics that affect women and the LGBT community. It's hilarious, it's crude, and they do not let anyone off the hook. This show is VERY NSFW and will make you laugh out loud in public places. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Secret Project of the Week

Mind the Gap Zine

After our many collaborations on this site, Sam Devotta and I have decided to join forces and create... MIND THE GAP! We're so excited to be making an online magazine all about the things that we like, but with much more regularity than I currently post here. Each day has a theme and there will be 6 (!) posts a week. You definitely don't want to miss out. We're hoping to get the site up and running by June 1st, but we will keep everyone posted about its progress.

And that's it!

Later days!

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