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Goodbye Chocolate... At Least for the Week

Good morning all!

I made a decision last night as I stuffed my face with mini-muffins made of banana and chocolate chip delightfulness that this week I would attempt to abstain from chocolate. 

Anytime I try and do a bit of a health sweep, I always end up overwhelmed and inevitably fail within a short amount of time. I think my biggest problem is that I'm always trying to do too much at once, accomplish everything in the shortest amount of time possible, and then end up feeling upset that I can't actually do it all. 

I'm sick of that.

I need to do things at my own pace which, quite frankly, is usually pretty slow. In university, I would always start my assignments WEEKS in advance, simply because I didn't want to have to do everything at the last minute. I'm trying to go back to that philosophy of taking my time and doing one thing at a time (though that doesn't mean I'm going to stop multi-tasking my podcast listening/game playing/twitter reading, that would be crazy. No, the one at a time will be for the important things that may actually improve my life). 

So this week is NO CHOCOLATE. I've been getting waaaaayyyyy too lackadaisical about what I'm ingesting, especially when it comes to sugar and wheat. I'm feeling it all over my body, I'm seeing it on my face, and the moment of happiness that happens when the chocolate passes my lips dips off into oblivion about a minute later. 

Methinks it isn't worth the trouble.

Plus... good chocolate is hella pricey. And you knows I like the good stuff. 

So that will be my mini-goal for the week.

I'm already regretting it.

Later days!

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