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Fangirl Friday

TV Show of the Week


Bojack Horseman

This show, you guys. This motherfucking show. Netflix is churning out the hits like nobody's business. On the surface, the show seems crass and crude, but when you really look at it, it tackles some very real issues like abuse, the portrayal of women in media, neglect and other topical themes. Obviously, it's also hilarious and has a killer cast. I'm actually going through the show pretty slowly, because I'm enjoying to so much. I'm trying to savour it. One cool thing that I like is that the show actually has a running plot. Most animated series are pretty stand-alone, but Bojack has running jokes, a series long story arc and recurring characters. Highly recommend, go watch it now.  

Book of the Week


Hot Body Year Round by Cassey Ho

Obviously this book has to be my book of the week, considering I'm dedicating my entire month to her Aprilates workout calendar. The book is filled with recipes that seem actually feasible for me to make, basics of Pilates and workouts for every season, and plenty of words of encouragement from Cassey herself. The one thing that I enjoy is that Cassey does put an emphasis on confidence building coinciding with muscle building. I'm pretty realistic about what I'm able to achieve (I'm never going to look like Taylor Swift for multiple reasons, the least of which is that I'm about 2 feet shorter than her) , and being able to fit into a teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini isn't what I'm working towards. It would be nice, but I just don't see it happening. What I do see happening is my body getting stronger and my confidence in my abilities growing with each passing day. The book is colorful and bright and full of sunshine and pretty easy to implement into your daily life. 


So that's it! Short post because I already did one today, but yeah! Later days!

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