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Fangirl Friday

Well, writing every day here was a bit of a bust. I didn't count on getting sick and having that completely throw me off track, but I definitely have a problem sticking to habits once I break them. It takes me a bit of time to amp myself  up again, which is honestly quite annoying. 

These past two weeks have been pretty devoid of writing and exercising, both of which I'm pretty ashamed about. Gotta get my head back in the game, as it were. I remember listening to Martin Starr on Marc Maron's podcast WTF (I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before or not) but he talked about a Buddhist belief that every moment is an opportunity to start again (I'm totally paraphrasing, and this may not even be correct, it's just what I remember). I think that's a quite beautiful sentiment and it definitely makes it a bit easier to move on from the usual shame and  upset I feel when I don't follow my self-imposed rules. 


This post is not about that, but about what's been awesome this week! I've been so inundated by pop culture this week that I'm honestly not sure what I should pick this week and what I should save for upcoming weeks. I've been introduced to sooooo many podcasts (thanks Karin!) and so many new comedians (thanks again Karin!) but I feel like I don't know any of them well enough to devote a paragraph to (yet!). So I'm going to stick with things I can give proper attention to and as weeks go on, I'll be able to give a proper assessment of all the new things that have come into my life.

Book of the Week

So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

I had the opportunity to go to a talk hosted by U of T with Jon Ronson on Monday. The talk was all about Ronson's new book So You've Been Publicly Shamed, and examining our current fascination with shame culture and calling people out publicly. The talk was fantastic, and I even got to speak to Ronson for a bit about my little Jon Ronson binge of reading The Psychopath Test, watching Frank, and listening to him on various podcasts. He personalized my book with this amazing note:



The book itself is just as fabulous as Ronson. It's hilarious, it's incredibly frightening, and it becomes more relevant with each passing day. I highly recommend this to anyone who has been publicly shamed, been part of a shaming, or just wants to learn a little bit more about human psychology. 

Podcast of the Week

Q with Shad

WHAT?!?!?! A Fangirl Friday podcast that's NOT A COMEDY PODCAST???? How could this be? Well, it's true, ladies and gentlemen, and I'll tell you why. The new Q is fucking fantastic. Shad swoops in to save the once great show and feels completely at home immediately. His first episode had Marc Maron (amazing) and his second had Jon Ronson (again, amazing). He's funny, insightful, bright and totally listenable. The segments are great and totally thought-provoking (there's one about the health and wellness craze and whether it's as good for us as we'd like to believe it is. Very intriguing stuff.), different (about ten minutes of one show is dedicated to an improvised throat-singing segment by throat-singer Tanya Tagaq), and hilarious (Peter Mansbridge drops by to inform us all about National Penguin Day). The episodes run the range of politics, contemporary pop culture, sports (eh, I skip those parts) etc. Definitely download it now!

Comedian of the Week

Marc Maron

It was a really good week for meeting idols, because the day before Jon Ronson's talk (where I would inevitably talk to him about Marc Maron and we would both squee over our love for him), I went to see Maron doing stand-up with my dad. We were in the nosebleeds, and the opening act was less than satisfactory, but once Maron took the stage, the room completely transformed. Maron is known for being incredibly honest, both about himself, and in his inquiries of his guests on his podcast WTF. He didn't shy away from that honesty on Sunday and many of his topics really hit home. A particular segment about shame eating ice cream left a definite impression on me, and I told him as such when he signed a poster for me after the show (I actually almost cried after this encounter). 


Anyway, this week was waaaaayyyyy better than last as I can breathe out of my nose again (hooray!) and I did lots of fun things with lots of fun people.

Now to spend the rest of the night bingeing The X-Files with some mint chocolate chip goodness.

Later days!


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