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Day 6 - 24 Days to 25

Day six and still going (somewhat) strong! Yesterday I went into a bit of a food rabbit hole, and had pizza for dinner then ice cream for dessert. Luckily, I shared both of these things with my dad so I did not consume everything like I once would have. That being said, that is a habit I'm working hard on breaking. Cooking is something that still doesn't appeal to me the way it does to other people and I often err on the side of convenience instead of on the side of health.


Today was all about Spring Cleaning (so it's kind of funny the first workout today is called Spring Leaning!). I had the day off, made a list of everything I wanted to accomplish, and made a GIF. 


But because I got all this done, I was already pretty exhausted by the time I actually got around to working out. I mean, I start off pretty strong...

New video! This was so much fun, even the burpees! I can't believe I can say that but yeah, seriously, what a fun workout.

But things sort of go downhill pretty quickly.

I lost all of my energy in this video. I half-assed a lot of it. Part of me thinks that it must be because of what I ate yesterday, that it's weighing me down. Another part of me feels that it's I'm just losing endurance. However, I kept waiting for the endorphins to kick in but they never came...

...not even during the third video. I had never done Arms on Fire before so that was kind of nice to have something new to do but it still felt like torture. Then again, one thing that made me feel quite proud is I was finally subjected to the dreaded Oil Riggers... AND I COULD DO THEM! My arms are still hurting from the many days of arm exercises and I think I pulled something in my left bicep by carrying 7 kg of kitty litter. Seriously, why is it so huge? And it doesn't last that long. I only have one cat. I can only imagine how much litter people go through who have multiple cats. Le sigh. Alright buttercup let's suck it up and continue.

I started playing the fourth video and I literally went for one minute and paused it and lay down. (I wrote this post lying on my back using the iPhone's voice dictation, which actually works really well!) I will get back into the work out in a few minutes but I'm allowing myself a breather. I had a very active morning with cleaning the entire apartment and running back-and-forth between the laundry room about 80 times. I don't really feel that bad about it but it still kind of sucks that I can't do it all the way through like I usually do. I guess is just going to be one of those days.

After the breather, I finally get back to it. 

I definitely got my spirit back a little bit with this routine. I actually really like butt workouts, funnily enough, but yeah this one went a lot easier. Booty was still on fire  and they were about a gazillion reps but I'm pretty happy. I'm also thinking about what I'm going to do after the workout is done which obviously includes a very nice shower. 

Alright here is the final video let's end this shit strong.

I really don't have much to say about this video other than I was glad it was the last one. It was definitely a lot easier to go through than the previous ones (I was actually distracting myself with my phone during this, so if I could do that, I obviously wasn't too challenged). 

Working out in the afternoon is simply not my jam. It's either first thing in the morning, or just not at all. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled workout program tomorrow! Later days!

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