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Day 5 - 25 Days to 25

GUYS! Five days in a row! CRAZY!

Stayed in bed a little bit later than normal (*gasp* 8:30am!), cuddled with the cat in bed for awhile (she literally gave me high-fives this morning. I wish I had somehow documented it, it was the most amazing thing ever) and finally got myself dressed and on the floor by 9:00am. 

Today was all about legs so I knew I would be a bit better at completing the videos in their entirety. I'd also done quite a few of these videos before (I'd done all except the third and fourth ones) so it was nice to feel and see improvement from the last times I'd done them.


For a cardio video, this one is actually a lot of fun. The reps aren't too intense, and though it's a bit of a longer video, there's enough variation between the moves that it never gets too tiring or boring. I think I've done this video three times already, and it does get easier with every time that I do it. Considering how tough it was to get myself out onto the floor today, that makes me very happy. I can pretty easily finish this entire video without stopping. WHOO!

I COULD DO THIS WHOLE VIDEO TOO! This one makes me happy because I'm sitting or laying down the whole time (the less I stand, the happier I am). The one thing that I really find difficult in this video is how much my hips start to hurt when they're supporting my entire body. I start to feel restless and kind of have to keep moving around to find comfort.

I couldn't actually do this video like Cassey did for one of the moves because doing a one legged bridge was giving me intense sciatica pain (I am an old person). I definitely still felt plenty of toning going on by just doing it with my legs and my butt firmly on the ground. At least there's something to build up to in this video. Hopefully the next time I do it, I'll be able to pull off the bridge.

Omg this was hard but sooooo fun!!!! The entire video was done on tip-toe which made everything super difficult but surprisingly amusing at the same time. This is one of Cassey's timed videos again, so it really makes the workout zoom by when you're able to see how long you have left to go. 

This felt like a repeat of the third video, I feel like all the moves were all done before. As before, I vetoed the one legged bridges because, nope. I'm also losing total interest in working out by this point. It's always by the third to last or second to last video that I start to really want to quit. But we must keep going. 

I was so done by this point. I had no need for the workout to go on this long. I actually really like this workout but I was just not feeling it today. I was pretty happy when this was all done with. 


So everything is still pretty much closed today which is annoying as I wanted to get my grocery shop on so I guess all of that will have to get done tomorrow. I'm up in Thornhill today doing taxes with my dad (super exciting!) but we're going to catch up on Better Call Saul  so it all works out in the end.   

Later days!

Day 6 - 24 Days to 25

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)