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Day 3 - 27 Days to 25

Happy Good Friday everyone! How is everyone's day off? You guys sleep in? Or did you have a cat walk across you at 6:00 in the morning like I did? No? Okay, fine. Anyway... TO THE WORKOUT!

Oy. I HURT. Today was not easy, and I wanted to quit a ton of times. I actually got angry at myself (and by proxy Cassey, though she isn't to blame) that I wasn't doing as well as I wanted to do.

I went in to today feeling stiff from yesterday so already I knew things were not going to be that easy. I also decided to switch the Friday workout with the Saturday workout as tonight is the first night of Passover and I will be YOLOing it hard on the food tonight. Friday's are rest days in the Blogilates workout calendar so I actually vetoed a day TO RECOVER for a day WHERE I HURT MORE! I am clearly becoming a masochist.

The first video is actually only available on the Blogilates app. It's a morning stretch routine. I learned my lesson from yesterday and wrote my notes in the Notes app instead of the Squarespace app in between videos. Since I'm sore from yesterday, I found this video to be quite hard. I also didn't workout right when I woke up, I ate and had my coffee beforehand (and waited an hour, like a good little fitness girl) but I felt wiped out. This energized me a bit, but really, I could have gone back to bed after this.

I was getting annoyed and frustrated in this video, especially since Cassey kept whooping. STOP BEING SO HAPPY, I CAN'T KEEP UP WITH YOUR HAPPINESS AND JOY! I was literally moaning "no" by the end of the video. This is the first time in these three days where I started to feel really defeated and depleted. I was definitely beating myself up a bit over not doing this video to the best of my abilities. BUT WE MUST GO ON!

And go on I did. So much so, that I actually LOVED this video! I've stated multiple times how much cardio and I are enemies so it was nice to take a bit of a breather on that in this video. I could sit or lie throughout the entire 5 minutes and it passed really quickly. I definitely got my excitement back in this video. I feel like I conquered a good 80% of this video (the last move was done a little half-assedly on my part) so that makes me pretty happy.

I had done this video before so I knew what to expect going in. I LOVE THIS VIDEO. You know why I love it? BECAUSE I CAN DO THE WHOLE THING WITHOUT STOPPING! It's basically a longer version of the arms of death routine I used to do in Zumba. Oh Zumba. You were fun until I fell in one of your classes and was basically out of commission for half a year. Good times.

Believe it or not, I LOVE lifting weights. I'm not sure if it's because you can actually measure a tangible difference in strength because you increase your weight capacity or if it's because it's not cardio but I LOVED THIS VIDEO! EXCEPT FOR THE CARDIO PARTS (obvs).  Good end to a hard workout.

Short post today guys because... THERE IS STILL A FANGIRL FRIDAY COMING UP! And I don't pre-write things like a normal blogger does so once I finish this post, I'm going to go right into that one.

Later days! 

Fangirl Friday

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