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Day 2 - 28 Days to 25

Hey! Two days in a row, not too shabby! This can sooooo be done. Despite the fact that I wanted to die while working out today. Other than that, totally doable. 

So I actually wrote down little notes between each video so that I would remember exactly what I liked and didn't like and what was hard and wasn't hard, but the Squarespace app decided to eat it so I'm going to be working off of memory. The first good thing about today was that I found the Blogilates playlists, so I didn't need to search for any of the videos today. I stream them through the Apple TV so I can work out using a big screen and today it was one, two, three.

I'd like to preface this all by saying that I am not used to doing hour long workouts anymore. I used to do them, but it's been a very long time since I've done them consistently. Right now, an hour seems like FOREVER. But we persist. Anyway, let's get started!

This was waayyyyy easier than I thought it would be. Not that it was easy. It wasn't. But I loved the ladder technique, and I really do like seeing timers and knowing how long I'm going to be suffering for. Cassey also gives beginner versions for the first two exercises but I'm proud to say that I only needed it for the second one. This was tough, but pretty exhilarating. I really do need this kind of kick in the butt to do cardio as well, as I'd much rather do the more low-impact stuff (duh). Unfortunately, the cardio will be the stuff that will actually cause changes in the body so I give in to it. 

O.M.G. I was STREAMING sweat during this. STREAMING. The cat was also blocking the window (that minx) so she was getting all the cool air and I was left looking like a drowned, harassed rat (thanks Scissor Sisters!). This was TOUGH! BUT, one awesome thing was that I actually tried to do the Donkey Kicks in this one (something I vetoed for an easier version yesterday) and... I can actually do them? This was shocking news to me. Granted, I couldn't do as many as Cassey (seriously, that would be crazy if I could), but I DID SOME.

There were more hops in this one, just like the last video, so my legs were screaming at me. I definitely paused a few times, but I think altogether, I finished relatively strong.

I thought this was going to be a walk in the park, and for Coach Nicole's moves, it was. Cassey, of course, has to go and murder me. I didn't put my sneakers back on for this workout as I'd taken them off from the first video to do the second, but I don't really think it mattered too much. I did this one, but by the end, I was ready to be done. Except... there were still two more videos left.

I swear to God, I was screaming "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!" basically the entire workout. Never have I ever prayed for the abs portion of a workout so it could be a REST. The first move was ridonk, I may have done about a third of it, I kept falling over, which was very exciting. I actually really like working inner thighs (when I'm on the floor) so the last little bit was pretty fun. 

Finally, the last video! I thought this one might be a little easier, but NOPE. The moves in this video seem so damn simple but when you have to do them about a million times, everything starts to burn. A LOT. The final bridge stuff was totally killer, and again I fell over multiple times. YAY NO BALANCE!

One fun thing that happened yesterday is I actually got Cassey's book A WHOLE WEEK EARLY!

Hot Body.jpg

Yup, Indigo fucked up and released it (to me anyway, not sure if it's out on the floor) a week before it's publication date. If this was a Harry Potter book, Indigo would need to lawyer the fuck up. In this case, however, it's not a huge deal. And Cassey knows (she liked my picture of it on Instagram) and hopes I enjoy the book! I can't wait to go through it and find new moves and recipes to incorporate into my life.

See you tomorrow! Later days!

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