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Day 1 - 29 Days to 25

The first day of Blog Every Day in April (BEDA) is upon us! 

Shit was I feeling lazy this morning.

I dragged myself out of bed, petted the cat for a bit, and FORCED myself to put on a sports bra, shorts and my sneakers. It took me a good 10 minutes to fully awaken and even then by the time I put on the first Blogilates video of the day, I was still pretty zoned out.

BUT WE PRESS ON! This was the first video of five that I went through this morning. 30 seconds in, I was already dying. Seriously, Cassey? Star jumps? YOU'RE KILLING ME! I was able to finish (barely) and I was even smiling by the end. It's always nice to workout with an instructor who is doing the exercises with you, especially one you find incredibly difficult (and that they seem to have a bit of trouble with as well). I did do the easier version of the In-n-Out Donkey Kicks, Burpees and Split Squat Jumps because I am just not there yet. Slowly but surely, I do feel like my endurance is rising, but I'm still miles away from completing this workout without stopping.

Oh my butt, was this ever hard. I'm pretty comfortable with squats, having done many FitnessBlender squat challenges and many years of yoga. Still, pulsing squats are kind of the worst. I was doing pretty well with this video until the very last move which was a Single Legged Bridge. Basically, you lift that booty up like a normal bridge BUT YOU HAVE TO BALANCE ON ONLY ONE LEG! It was horrendous, I was literally laughing in pain. The cat came over to investigate but soon lost interest.

This one wasn't too bad, but it was a little annoying that quite a few of the moves from the previous video were repeated in this one (which is understandable, all of Cassey's videos are standalone). I guess it is good to continually work at the same move, but I was hoping for a little more variety. However, one thing that I love about Cassey is that she'll start talking about random things, like her nails or some stories. THIS IS THE BEST BECAUSE IT SOMEWHAT DISTRACTS FROM THE IMMENSE PAIN THAT YOU'RE IN!!!!

At this point, I'm getting SUPER tired. I'm actually yawning, I'm that tired (trust, I was definitely NOT bored). I loved this video because of the timer in the corner so I knew exactly how long I was going to be tortured. Unfortunately, two of the moves are done on one knee and my right knee is basically all cartilage which makes resting basically my entire body weight on it a bit difficult. I paused a lot during this video, even though it was only five minutes long. I was definitely getting ready to call it quits.

BUT IT'S NOT OVER YET! Finally get to the final video of the day. I'd actually done this video a few days ago so it wasn't as difficult as I thought. My one issue is I have very clicky hips. Anytime I would Hot Potatoes, my hips would sound like they were dislodging from my body. EVERY TIME. Despite that, I actually love this workout because you can rest quite a bit during it. Yes, your butt and your thighs feel like they're being murdered, but I never felt winded or like my heart was beating out of my chest like the first workout. 

Of course, even though the videos were done, I still had to do the first day of the #30DaysSleekArms challenge. Luckily, this took about 30 seconds and I took my dripping self into the shower. 

PHEW! Day one done, only 29 more days to go. THIS WAS NOT EASY but I'm hoping with practice and persistence it'll get less horrible. Cassey does make me smile, and I honestly do have fun while doing these videos. I really do feel stronger since I started doing her beginner videos last month though I'm honestly not sure if there's been any visible physical change (I have no full-length mirrors in my apartment). 

The best part of doing it in the morning is that when I get home at night, I don't have to worry about getting in my exercise. I can enjoy my night of mediocre food, with cat nearby, watching The X-Files, like a normal adult.

Alright guys, that's it for today! Later days!

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