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One Month to 25

Here on Jane's Views, I tackle a bunch of different topics, but they all have one thing in common: they interest me. 

That's why, for one month only, I'm going to be doing something a little different. Because I can.

At the end of April, April 30th to be exact, I will be turning 25 (*grips chest in horror*) and I want to give myself a month-long exercise challenge. The new Blogilates April calendar has been posted (check for it!) and because it's going to be difficult and a massive undertaking, I want to blog about it.

Every day.

There will be a post EVERY DAY IN APRIL.

I still intend to do my track-by-track reviews (already working on The Academy Is...'s first album Almost Here that came out 10 years ago) and I'll still be doing my Fangirl Fridays (how else will you know that I'm TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH Bojack Horseman?) but this month will take on a more health and wellness slant. 

I've set up a newsletter function (through Mail.... Kimp? Oh, Serial, remember when you were relevant?) so you can follow along with the month-long journey. I won't spam you, it's just for fun and maybe a little encouragement. 

I'm going to be a quarter of a century old next month. The idea of that frightens me but also excites me. Where will the next month take me? Where will the next day?

Thanks for reading and hope you follow along. Later days!

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