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Fangirl Friday

It's that time of week again folks, where Jane digs down into her fangirl brain and trudges up the things that make her squee this week.

TV Show of the Week

The X-Files

Believe it or not, I went on my venture into paranormal 90s activity JUST before it was announced that The X-Files would be returning. THE TRUTH WAS OUT THERE AND SOMEHOW I KNEW! But in all seriousness, I had always meant to get into this show that came out just slightly before my time. I was a total fraidy-cat when I was a kid and something like this show would have scared the bejeezus out of me. Now, the effects are almost laughable, but the storylines and the chemistry between Mulder and Scully (and transversely, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson) are so wonderful, that the show really does hold up twenty years later. Obviously, I have issues with Scully remaining a skeptic despite EVERYTHING she's witnessed, but the nice balance between conspiracy episodes and monster of the week episodes makes it seem somewhat plausible. The show has its ridiculous moments (and at times is incredibly dated) but it has heart and is definitely making me do double-takes when I see strange things in the sky. 

Podcast of the Week

Kumail Nanjiani's "The X-Files Files"

First: HOW COOL IS THIS FANART? Someone drew that, with pencils and THEIR MIND!!!! Anyway, obviously since the show of the week is The X-Files and The X-Files is coming back to TV, Nerdist posted an article about it and listed this podcast as a must-listen for any fans of the show. I'm a huge Kumail Nanjiani fan, especially of his role on Silicon Valley, and because I always need to learn everything about my latest obsessions, this was an obvious go-to. Kumail invites friends and fans of the show to dissect episodes of the series. They look back on the episodes with a 21st century perspective, but also recall what it was like for them watching the episodes when they first aired. One of my favourite segments is when Kumail looks up the original X-Files message boards to see what people were actually talking about way back in 1994. Hilarity obviously ensues (everyone on the show is a comedian) and fangasming follows. A definite must-listen for anyone interested in getting into the show.

Book of the Week

Homemakers by Brit Morin

I talked about the Brit + Co. website last week, and this week I was able to pick up Brit Morin's book Homemakers from the library. The book is all about taking the word "homemakers" and releasing it from its archaic prison and bringing it into the 21st century. Brit believes that we're all homemakers, whether that be that we are stay-at-home moms/dads/students/whatever or just someone who loves to make their living space more dynamic and personal. The book goes through basic skills that Millennials may not have gotten the chance to learn either from their parents or in school (like how to boil an egg) to the latest gadgets and tech that will transform our lives (and our living spaces) in years to come. The book is so colourful and fun and has projects for every level of DIYer. Definitely worth a peruse if you've ever wanted to live anything like your Pinterest page.

craft item of the week

Washi Tape

I've been a fan of Washi Tape for a while but have only recently really used it to its full potential. You can see below various different projects I've used with Washi Tape. 

I created a writing calendar using multi-coloured Washi Tape with some bright Post-It Notes, used silver and gold Washi Tape to frame some cut-outs from the Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss edition of Vogue and added a pop of colour to a white bookshelf with pink and purple Washi Tape. The best thing about the tape is that it's easily removable, won't pull off any paint (it won't even destroy paper!) and therefore very customizable. You can conceivable change it up as often as you want, which is great for people with short attention spans like me. You can find Washi Tape at Staples and other various craft stores.

Smoothie of the Week

Cooking Classy Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Shake

Damn, guys, this shake is goooooood. No added sugar, so filling and just delicious. I could drink this every day (I've been making it my after dinner snack if I'm still hungry). It's just the perfect amount of treat without going too overboard. You can find the recipe over here on Cooking Classy.

Et c'est tout! Later days!

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