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Transformation Tuesday... sort of

So there will be no before and after pictures here but I have been feeling more and more transformed lately for a multitude of reasons. 

First off: EXERCISE!

Me in my feline form. I don't even need to look at the TV to do these workouts. 

Me in my feline form. I don't even need to look at the TV to do these workouts. 

I have taken so much to doing Blogilates videos, it's kind of insane. I AM EXCITED TO WAKE UP AND EXERCISE, GUYS!! THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOR ME!!! I always enjoyed going to classes at the gym (a long, long time ago when I actually belonged to a gym) because I liked the excitement in the room and I was less likely to give up mid-way because of the strong people surrounding me. I didn't want to let myself down but I didn't want to let these strangers know that I wasn't up to the task. 

Now I work out at home, and have done for a while. I've been pretty much an exclusive YouTube exerciser and it's been glorious. I started with people I knew, like Jillian Michaels, but then I started to expand my horizons. I found FitnessBlender, then found Yoga with Adriene and have finally found Blogilates. I have officially done 10 days of Cassey's Blogilates for Beginners 2.0 workout plan (available for free on her website or for $0.99 on her app. I paid the money because I LOVE THAT YOU CAN CHECK THINGS OFF ON IT! It makes you really feel like you've accomplished something. One of my favourite feelings in the world is checking things off a to do list. For realsies) and it is freaking hard, but I'm already feeling my body getting stronger. Last week I could barely get through one of her videos but yesterday I accomplished the whole thing with breath to spare.

The moral of the story is, change can happen, and it doesn't always take the long for it to happen. 

Obviously, this is just my progress. I have maintained a certain level of flexibility over my years of sitting on my ass, and though my cardio endurance has most definitely gone down, I can still rise to the challenge for the most part. But for whatever reason, I keep wanting to rise to the challenge. I don't feel like quitting yet. This is very strange for me. Of course, it's early days yet but I'm still going strong. My goal is to keep on going to the end of March and then start the April challenge leading up to my birthday. If I'm able to go all the way until the very last day (the day I turn 25), I feel like I want to reward myself with something. Not sure what yet... but something good.


No, this isn't my smoothie, obviously. Mine looks like a fine layer of sludge mixed with snot, but damn does it taste good.

No, this isn't my smoothie, obviously. Mine looks like a fine layer of sludge mixed with snot, but damn does it taste good.

I've always heard the value of protein green smoothies, and there was a time not too long ago when I was making them for myself pretty regularly. I have just started up again and I'm loving it. I have a mason jar that use to house soup (see children, you can be hipster without having to go buy artisinal mason jars. Buy soup. Then you have both soup and a mason jar. But mostly soup.) I've been bringing my jar to work for the past few days and it gets me through that morning slump that makes me want to dive into a coffee pot. By the time lunch rolls around, I'm not starving like I used to be if I only had a fruit in between meals and I'm 100% more awake. I make mine with one banana, a cup of frozen fruit (today was strawberries), a cup and a half of almond milk (I can't believe I drink almond milk now... and ENJOY IT!) and a scoopful of Vega Natural All-in-One Protein Powder. I blend it all together and presto! A wonderful smoothie is born. Once I finish the smoothie off, I rinse it out then fill it with water. Now I have a (incredibly heavy) water bottle so I continue to stay hydrated throughout the day. Win/win.


Mmmm.... yellowy goodness.

Mmmm.... yellowy goodness.

After suffering with acne for many years, my face FINALLY cleared up. But... I've been left with scarring.


I've been seeing a naturopath for the past few months to help me out with this. I'd gone the traditional medical route and nothing was really helping. My naturopath suggested I buy some regular Vitamin E capsules and instead of swallowing them (which would not make a topical difference), she suggested I poke a hole in a capsule and put the oil directly onto my face. 

And... it's working. I actually can't believe it but my scars already look like they've faded. I honestly was thinking that I would be stuck with the marks forever but there's a chance I might not be and that makes me very happy.


From  The Daily Face  by Anna-Marie Tendler.

From The Daily Face by Anna-Marie Tendler.

I was flipping through The Daily Face, looking for a new look to try and I decided to read the intro about applying liner. Anna-Marie Tendler calls this look the Natural Liner, and it is just that. You start your eyeliner on the peak of your top lid, not at your inner lid. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I love this look so much better than my failed attempts at keeping a straight line going all across my lid. This look is so much easier but really elegant when paired with eyeshadow. I need more Daily Face, Anna-Marie, get on it!

There are a few things I'm still working on.

  1. Reducing my sugar intake. SO HARD but I'm making an effort. Trying to just take it one day at a time and not worry too much about slip-ups and just get back on the horse.
  2. Reducing my stress. I'm really trying to leave work at work and have home time be fun time.
  3. Keeping my place as organized as I'd like it. I can do a bit here and there but I never seem to have any consistency. I clean my apartment but then suddenly it needs to be cleaned again. IT NEVER ENDS!
  4. Get more creative in the kitchen. This is my biggest challenge. I'm not a fan of cooking but I love to eat. Dilemma. I'm trying to find small things to start off with that are easy to make (like the smoothies), to paleo-pancakes (just two eggs and a banana, my friends), to actual dinners (HAVE YET TO ACHIEVE THIS!). Step by step, I will become the Masterchef of my domain.

And that's it my lovelies! There will be a track-by-track review of Fall Out Boy's new album American Beauty/American Psycho coming soon with the help of the lovely Sam Devotta.

Later days!

Fangirl Friday

Fangirl Friday