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Fangirl Friday

Fangirl Friday

This week I'm excited about a lot of things so I have to do a Fangirl Friday.

Game of the Week

Life Is Strange

Never have I been quite so enamoured with a video game that  you do so little in. Life is Strange is a narrative choose-your-own-adventure video game in five chapters and the final chapter was just released a couple of days ago. It's about a senior in high school, Max, who discovers she has the ability to turn back time, which is great because she's able to stop her best friend Chloe from being murdered. However, every action has an equal and opposite reaction and with every choice you make in the game, the more things get altered. This incredibly well-done, emotionally stirring game is a must play, especially for fans of TellTale Games.


tv of the week

Jane the Virgin

I know I've spoken about Jane the Virgin already but I never actually finished the first season. In search of a show I could binge (and seeing that it was up on Netflix) I started it up again. GEE WHIZ is this show bananas in the best possible way. There's really not much to explain (the basic concept is a virgin gets accidentally artificially inseminated and then everything goes absolutely NUTS) except the show is beautiful and unbelievably addictive. Once you're in, it's hard to get out.


Song of the Week

Hello - Adele

Really, how could it be anything other than this? This is bombshell news. ADELE IS BACK! AND BACK WITH AN AMAZING TRACK. This could have been an Episode I nightmare of building up anticipation to only be let down. BUT IT'S NOT. BECAUSE THIS SONG IS GORGEOUS. I am legitimately counting down the days til this album drops.


I don't know what this is anymore

Random Netflix Pull - The Lunchbox (2013)

Random Netflix Pull - The Lunchbox (2013)