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Fangirl Friday

Hello my beautiful children! Here's what I'm totally digging this week!

Show of the Week

Agent Carter

Obviously the show of the week is Agent Carter. 1940s badass heroine kicking all sorts of butt while keeping her makeup flawless? Obviously, I'm in! Check out my Television Without Pity-style recap over here for the very first episode!

Exercise of the Week

30 Days of Yoga with Yoga with Adriene

I'm pretty feast or famine when it comes to exercise. When I'm in it, I'm really in it, and when I'm not, I'm super not. Right now, 30 Days of Yoga is keeping me totally in it. Every day for the month of January, Adriene of Yoga with Adriene is posting a new yoga video of varying length and difficulty. I am totally in love with the practice and I always feel an immense sense of accomplishment (I did a one legged chaturanga today, you guys! I didn't know I could do that!) and gratitude that I'm taking the time for myself to increase my fitness level and mindfulness. Everything Adriene teaches you is done with intent, and I can really feel my consciousness of my own body expanding with every work out. Go check Adriene out on YouTube, it's absolutely free!

Lipstick of the Week

1946 - Red Velvet by Bésame Cosmetics

Why yes this is the exact shade that Hayley Atwell tweeted about that her Agent Carter wears, why do you ask? This lipstick shade is absolutely stunning, not to mention that incredible case it comes in. Sadly, they do not sell this product in Toronto, and to get it will cost me an extra $30 in shipping. Anyone in LA wanna grab me one? Anyone? Bueller?

Journaling App of the Week

I've never been that good at keeping diaries or journals, despite my best intentions. What I love about Day One is that it's always with me in the shape of my phone. I'm trying to increase my memory capacity and I know that writing about my life and ongoings definitely helps me. It's super fun to use and completely transferable between devices. I'm excited to have my life a little more documented but in a private way.

And that's all folks! Later days!

Self-Improvement Sunday

Agent Carter Episode 1x01 Recap