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Fangirl Friday

Here's what has me excited this week.

music of the week

Four - One Direction

I feel as if I have to completely re-evaluate my review from last week because I have not been able to stop listening to this freaking album. I may be going a little 1D crazy. I'm okay with this.

song of the week 

The Luck You Got - The High Strung

Believe it or not, my song of the week is not by 1D but in fact by The High Strung. If you watch Shameless (the American version), you will know this song. It's fun, it's upbeat and it's currently going in the number one slot on my running list that I'm totally going to use next week. Maybe. Hopefully.

makeup applicators of the week

Sephora Pro Brushes

The one good thing about having acne-prone skin is that I've become very knowledgeable about makeup and it's application. I learn something new everyday and I'm very open to trying new things. I decided that instead of continuing on with my crappy old brushes for blush and powder, and using my fingers for concealer and foundation, I would try to go a much more hygienic route and get all new professional brushes (and a cleanser to clean them after every individual use). The makeup goes on so smoothly and I love the way my skin feels after application. If you're interested (and I know you are), I'm currently using SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Precision Concealer Brush #45 for concealer, SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Foundation Brush #47 for foundation, SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Angled Blush Brush #49 for blush and SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Flawless Powder Brush #40 for powder. The cleanser is SEPHORA COLLECTION The Natural: Citrus Brush Cleaner. It makes everything smell like oranges which is super delightful. Unfortunately, it's not exactly inexpensive but I'm viewing it as an investment. I love makeup and cosmetics and I want my face to be healthy. Sadly, it comes at a bit of a cost. 

video game of the week

dragon age inquisition

I started playing Dragon Age because Felicia Day loved it and she was also in it so I figured it had to be amazing.

It is.

I was psyched about Dragon Age Inquisition coming out but I promised myself I would wait til I got paid from my internship to buy it.

I couldn't.

I've barely even begun this game and already I'm completely in love. The graphics are great, the storyline is great, the characters are great (though I'm sad about the voice I picked for my avatar, it's kind of driving me crazy) and gahhhhh I LOVE BEING ABLE TO PLAY A FREAKING ELF MAGE! ELF! MAGE! TOO MUCH AMAZINGNESS! I WANT TO DROP EVERYTHING AND PLAY IT FOREVER DASLKJDSALKFDSA;FLDASDFA *flails*

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Fangirl Friday for the Week of December 5th, 2014

Fangirl Friday for the Week of December 5th, 2014