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New Year, Same You

It's very easy to fall into the trap of a new year symbolizing new beginnings. We're totally conditioned to it, from sales at the gym, to healthy cookbooks on display in bookstores, to organizers galore.

The amount of emails that I received leading up to January 1st and the days following about how now was the time I was going to be the "new me" essentially made me feel like this:

The thing is I fall for it every year, thinking that this will be the year that I finally get into shape, that I finally stop eating the foods that I crave and learn to take better care of myself. This will be the year that I put everything away before I go to bed so I'm not left with a pile of clothing scattered around my room. Everything will be clean, everything will be organized and I will be happy.

Promises, promises.

It isn't fair to me to put this pressure on myself because when I inevitably make a mistake, I'll spiral into that special part of my brain called self-loathing. I can't expect change if with every misstep I chastise myself, and make myself believe that I can't do it. 

What if I can do it? What if I've just been going about it the wrong way? 

What if all I've needed to do was as Miss Swift has taught us?

What if all I've needed to do is

It's crazy how it's almost easier to shake off someone else's comments about you, but the ones that tend to stick are the ones you've said about yourself.

So this year, I'm going to shake it off. I'm going to shake off my naysaying, I'm going to shake off my shame and I'm going to shake off my pain.

And I'm definitely going to shake off my feelings of failure if I can't accomplish that. 

But this post isn't all doom and gloom! No! What is shaking things off without a plan of action? It's all well and good to say I'll start believing in myself more but if I have nothing to back it up, it's just an empty promise.

This entry isn't going to be about losing weight. Just like height and age and other things that you can measure, weight ain't nothin' but a numba. It's foolish for me to aim towards a numerical goal when I don't really know what those numbers mean. 

The best way that I see how this will work (for me. This is by no means a guide for everybody.) is to have a plan.


Believe it or not, I actually do like to exercise. It makes me feel good and I always feel a sense of accomplishment after working out. The problem is, I get stuck. Oh, there's not enough time. Oh, I've just eaten. Oh, but I've walked plenty today. I waste more time on excuses then it would take for me to actually exercise. 

Luckily, I have Fitness Blender on my side.

Fitness Blender has an amazing 8-week fitness challenge for busy people. Basically this means that you get 8 weeks of work outs that are half an hour or less! Yes, they're a little more intense because it's a shorter amount of time but my excuses can't stand up to it. 

This is the workout I did today:

It was hard and I definitely couldn't do all the jump squats that were required but THE POINT IS I DID IT. I took the first step AND SUCCEEDED. HUZZAH MOFOS!

But today is just the first day. It'll be up to me to keep up my motivation to complete the 8 weeks. Anyone who is interested in participating in the challenge with me is more than welcome to join! Let me know and I'll set you up with the schedule. 


By now you all know that I will be moving out on my own at the end of the month. This is incredibly scary but incredibly exciting for me. One of the more daunting parts will be figuring out my three meals per day (plus snacks). Luckily, I have an amazing foodie bestie, Briana, who has lovingly shared many a blog with me so that I don't feel too overwhelmed by having to take care of myself in a good and healthy way.

Let's be real, this is what I'd be doing if I was left to my own devices:

She also recommended creating big batches of food and freezing portions so that on lazy days (which, let's face it, will be most days) I'll have something already prepared and ready to go. 

The pictures alone on these sites are giving me the rumbly-tumblies. I will definitely be trying this:

Found here:

Found here:

I'm very lucky that I have people who will support me in these endeavours because I would not be able to do this all on my own. In turn, I'm happy to provide my own support to anyone who needs it. We should all be able to help each other out because everyone needs help from time to time. If you have no one else, at least know that you have Vanellope and me.

This isn't to new beginnings. This is to the continuation of the journey, one step at a time. Happy travels.


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