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Self-Improvement Sunday: How to Treat Yo'self (WITHOUT Food)

If I'm feeling good about myself or feeling bad about myself or even feeling nothing at all about myself, food is often a source of treating that I give myself. 

It's a pretty shitty system and it is no longer something that I can keep up.  

That being said, I thought it might be fun to come up with a list of 10 things/activities to do that don't involve consuming yummies.  

Stay in Your PJs all day

Some days, the best thing I can do for myself is just to relax. Getting to stay in my PJs or sweats all day leaves me feeling totally comfy and it refreshes me. I don't feel restricted by tight clothing, feel pressured to put on makeup so I look presentable, or even have to shower. I may smell, but I feel great.  

Get dressed up even if you have nowhere to go

On the flip side, sometimes the worst thing I can do is stay in my PJs. On days when I'm alone, treating myself totally comes in the form of getting washed up, styling my hair, putting my makeup on, and dressing myself up. I may even put on heels. It totally boosts my confidence when I pass a mirror and see myself all dolled up. It emphasizes why I bought energy and effort into my appearance: it's for me, 100%. When I know that I look good, my mood rises infinitely.  

Pamper yourself

No matter who you are, pampering always feels good. For me, that can come in the form of taking a nice hot bath with Epsom salts or a (stupidly expensive) bath bomb or putting on a face mask. Treat your body like the hard worker that it is. It carries you around and takes on all of your stress. It's allowed to take a break and get to feel good about itself. 


I know, I know, but exercising actually is a total treat. Even though it might take a bit of an effort to get into it, the outcome is worth the bit of stress that comes with exercising. Your body will thank you and those endorphins make everything worth it.  

take a day off from exercise

I'm not quite at a point where I can take a day off from exercise because I take more days off than I take on. But for those who consistently work out, treat yourself to a day off. Sleep in, stay in bed, read, relax, give yourself a little bit of a break. It'll make the next day you exercise feel even more awesome.  

Buy something you've been wanting to buy for awhile

Due to often impulsive behavior, I try and curb my spending by putting items that I want to buy into a Pinterest board. That way, I know that I want it but it doesn't stay in the forefront of my mind. That often translates into my no longer wanting those things, which is great. Sometimes, however, there are things that I still desire months later and it feels great to be able to treat myself to it.  

Go out to a movie (BY YOURSELF!)

I know this might not seem like a treat, but it so totally is. The best time to go is during the day if you can and hopefully a movie that's been out for awhile so you're in the theatre pretty much alone. That way, you get an awesome movie experience on a massive screen all for yourself! You can be as loud as you want, spread out, and enjoy yourself.  

Play a game

No matter if you're a gamer or not, a great treat is being able to play a game and have pure, unadulterated fun. I totally believe in game playing (in moderation of course) and I think it can be a total stress-reliever.  

Take selfies (lots of selfies)

Taking pictures of myself can sometimes feel super intimidating. I often see all my flaws, from a zit here, to a double chin there. But by taking more and more selfies, I can start to see all the things that I actually do like. It's a great way to feel free, have fun, and feel good about yourself. And the amazing thing is, you have no obligation to share any of them but they can often be a nice reminder for yourself. 

Save money

Nothing feels better than being able to afford things that you want without help. It gives you independence, it gives you freedom and it gives you a sense of worth. I feel like I deserve the things I've saved for because I've worked hard for the money I've earned. A great way that I save money is by putting all my change into a piggy bank. Those coins add up quickly and soon enough, the piggy bank is full and I can go to deposit the money at a real bank. Saving money also gives you a sense of security. It's nice to have something to fall back on in case of emergency. As much as I love to spend, I do feel awesome when I decide to save instead (obviously this is for non-essential items, duh).

So yeah! That's how I treat myself without food. Do you guys have any special ways that you like to treat yourselves? Let me know in the comments! 

Later days!


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