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Creative Ways to Keep Busy aka Ways to Make it Feel Like You're Being Productive on Days When You're Alone

Having a lot of time to oneself, gives one time to... well, do a lot. But often, I find, that time goes wasted, either in front of a screen or just trying to figure out what to do. All that time just isn't used well.

As the current owner of "plenty of time," I find myself in predicaments day after day of figuring out what to do with myself. 

I've decided to come up with a list of ten things that I try and do to break up the monotony, and save myself from the inevitability of sitting in the middle of my bed attempting to come up with a better idea than "nap time."

Note: These are things to do for days spent alone. First and foremost, I recommend socializing (my God, if high school Jane could see me now). These are for days when either by choice or circumstance, you are solo.

1. Read

It's no secret that I'm a voracious reader. I often find myself in the middle of multiple books at once, and that's how I like it. Reading makes the time pass and it feels like you're accomplishing something! Check out my Goodreads for reading recs and to see what I'm currently devouring. Currently reading: A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon.

2. Write

I have been so lackluster at this (as evidenced by the fact that my site was actually down for about a month and I was completely unaware) but I'm trying to get back on track. I love to write. I always have. Actually writing, however, is always a challenge for me. My heart wants to do it, but my brain often refuses to cooperate. Time to break the ice again! Currently writing: this.

3. Build something

I never played with Lego's as a kid, but when my bestie bought me the Lego Delorean, I fell headfirst into a total obsession. 

Seriously, how freaking cool is this?

Seriously, how freaking cool is this?

4. Build something part two

Another thing that I love to make are Cubeecraft characters. They're adorable and easy to do. Plus, I now have a little Moss to call my own. 

Weird's all he's got.

Weird's all he's got.

5. Watch TV/Movies and listen to music

I'm finally catching up on all the shows and movies that I haven't gotten a chance to watch yet. Currently on the docket: Masters of Sex Season Two. I'm also exploring new musical avenues which has been mightily exciting. Currently listening to: Battle Scars by Paradise Fears.

6. Go out!

Leaving the apartment is probably the most vital thing I do when I have a day alone. If I stay in too long, everything feels far too bleak. This summer has been beautiful and I'm attempting to enjoy every day of it.

7. Exercise

I've been slightly lackadaisical at getting in some sort of exercise every day but it's a really good way of passing time and doing something good for yourself.

8. Treat yourself

Whether it's to a coffee, that book that's been on your list for ages, or an impulse splurge, it's good to do something nice for yourself every once in awhile. Everything in moderation, of course.

9. Play!

Find your inner child and play a solitary game. Video games, puzzles, messing around on the computer... Sadly, no Twister.

10. If all else fails...

If you really can't spend the day alone, DON'T! Call someone up, find a group that you're interested in, get out into the world. If you are not someone that is good with long bouts of solitude, don't spend your days alone. There is always something to do, and always someone to talk to (even if you might not know that person yet).  

What else do you guys do on your days off alone? I'd love to add to my list!

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