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Top Four Squee-Worthy Things From the Week of June 14th


"Young and Beautiful" - Lana Del Rey

I hate that a Lana Del Rey song has taken over my life, but it has and I won't deny it's power over me.

The flawless song from The Great Gatsbysoundtrack hits all the right notes (literally) and gives the best mixture of hopeful and melancholia that any good song should strive for.


Teen Wolf

I'm completely back on board the Teen Wolf gravy train and this season is shaping up to be fantastic.

Check out the first recap, and my review of why Teen Wolf shouldn't work but so totally does.

Chicagoland Vampires

I'm always on the hunt for a series of books that are light, funny and quick to get through but are still incredibly intriguing and engrossing. 

Chloe Neill has definitely achieved this with her Chicagoland Vampires series, about Merit, a reluctant new vamp trying to navigate her new life as a supernatural creature of the night.

Dragon Age

Of course I've been keeping up with all the tech conferences that went on this week (none more so that WWDC, the Apple conference where we got introduced to iOS 7. Excuse me while I wipe up my drool.)

In any case, it has completely re-awoken my love for the amazing series Dragon Age and I for one cannot wait until the next adventure.

Man of Steel (2013)

Arrested Development - 4x15: "Blockheads"