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The Top Three Squee-Worthy Things From the Week of July 7th


No one could ever accuse Neil Gaiman of being uninventive. In a novel like no other, that intersperses real life with fantastical elements to the point where you are left wondering whether it could all be true, we're taken on a journey to London Below, a place teeming with life, danger and unbridled excitement.

Vintage Beauty Parlor

If I can't look the way I want, I can at least fake it a little. This book is a total gem, giving easy, awesome make-up and hair tutorials inspired by looks of the past.

Comic-Con Schedule

After months of anticipation, the Comic-Con schedule is officially up and holy crap can I not wait for the 17th of July when the adventure begins. 

Some things I hope to hit up are: Geek and Sundry panel, Game of Thrones panel and Veronica Mars panel.

Marie Antoinette (2006)

Marie Antoinette (2006)

The Top Four Squee-Worthy Things From the Week of June 28th