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My Own Private Happiness Project


One thing that I know about myself is that it's easier for me to see all the things going wrong in my life rather than focus on the numerous good things that may even outway the negative. I'm in a constant state of "yeah... but..." instead of "yeah, and..."

It's no secret that I struggle with depression and anxiety, I don't pretend that these issues don't plague me every day. I get by with support from others and prescribed medication. This works for me up to a point.

The thing is, I still get caught up on what's not working and what still needs to be fixed. I've decided my new project starting now until whenever I finish it is to use the notebook pictured and write one good thing about me and my life (and various and sundry other things) that make me happy on each line. There are 200 pages in this book and 24 lines on each page. That means I need to be able to come up with 4,800 good things. 


I may not have thought this all the way through.

It's too late now, I've already started and I will truck on until the end (hopefully).

It's no "Book of Awesome" but it's a start. 

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