Agent Carter recap

Episode 1x01 - Now is Not the End

January 8th, 2015


Right off the bat we have the oblig Captain America flashback to make people remember where we know Agent Carter from. Also oblig Chris Evans sighting so people will be satisfied with never seeing him again on this show.

We now move back and forth between our titular (Scott-Aukerman-voice) character Agent Margaret "Peggy" Carter as she goes about her domestic chores in her apartment and her epic ass-kicking in The First Avenger.

She picks up a newspaper that has a massive picture of Howard Stark with a headline that reads "Captain America Ally Yet to Explain Weapons Sale." She progresses to read more newspapers and Stark has now come under fire. Peggy looks piiiiissssed.

Peggy finishes cleaning her apartment and is about to put away her Murphy bed when her roommate pops in with a sigh.

Seriously? She has a roommate? I get that it's 1946 and she's a single woman who "should be married" but I find it hard to believe that she doesn't live on her own. Though I can believe that she doesn't get paid well enough to live on her own. Okay, scratch all of that. I'm still in.

They banter a bit. Peggy's roommate who's name I think is Colleen, but honestly it doesn't matter, talks about how single Peggy is and Peggy is all like meh. The dialogue here is actually quite snappy, which I'm already impressed by. And amazingly enough, within the first few minutes, we have already passed the Bechdel test. FUCK YES AGENT CARTER! Keep it up!

I don't think I've mentioned yet how flawless Hayley Atwell is at playing Agent Carter. I've loved her since the miniseries Pillars of the Earth and she has grown into a stupendous actress. For her sake, I hope this show has great success. She deserves it and women around the world who love superheroes deserve it. WE NEED THIS SHOW, GUYS, PLEASE LET US KEEP THIS SHOW!

Peggy gathers her things in the closet, which include a very lethal looking gun.

Her roommate tsks about how she doesn't understand why Peggy's employer, the phone company, keeps her so late. "It ain't life and death," she says. Hilarious, writers. Peggy essentially winks at the camera: "Darling, you have no idea."


A fleet of suited men with hats all walk away from the camera. Slowly we focus in on a sleek red hat, on a woman in a blue suit. Peggy. Looks. AHMAZING.

Seriously. Comic-Con is going to be filled with people wearing this outfit next year, I guarantee it. It's flawless. So is her lipstick that costs $30 to ship to Canada and yet I am still contemplating ordering it. Honestly, this shit is better than most advertising I've seen in awhile. This is how to get me to buy things. Advertisers, please take note.

Peggy arrives at the phone company which is a cover for a spy agency called Strategic Scientific Reserve.

Suddenly an alarm goes off and a man whom I presume is Agent Carter's boss basically tells Peggy to go let the men do the important stuff while she takes care of the phones. Peggy is all "fuck that," picks up the phone and tells whoever is on the other line to forward all calls to the briefing room.

Problem solved.

I'm already in love with her.

The team watches... a newsreel. This was the alarm? This seems strangely anticlimactic. The newsreel is about Howard Stark and his trial about accidentally (?) selling weapons to an American enemy.

Boss man says that Stark's weapons have been found on the black market and in enemy states. I guess... he pulled the alarm? I don't know, the alarm was so damn dramatic, don't they have a PA system? Has that been invented? I feel like it must have been. Whatever, I need to let this go.

Stark has apparently fled the country. Peggy bites her lip knowingly. Someone's about to take things into her own hands. YASSS GURL, GET IT.


Next to him is the adorable Enver Gjokaj. For anyone who doesn't who that is, stop reading immediatly, go watch all of Dollhouse and then come back.

Ready? Okay.

Thompson says that they should freeze Stark's accounts so he can't run anywhere. Peggy pipes up, in her incredible red lipstick (seriously, guys, I can't with this lipstick, it's too perfect), and says that she knew Stark during the war and that he would never turn traitor. Boss man shuts her down in no uncertain misogynistic terms.

The guy who played Teddy, Amy Santiago's boyfriend on Brooklyn 9-9, whispers to the guy next to him saying that Peggy probably knew a lot of guys in the war. Real clever, asshole.

Enver, Agent Sousa, defends her and shuts Teddy down hard. The guys leave and it's just Sousa and Carter left in the briefing room. Peggy approaches Sousa, who is hobbling on cruches. He thinks she's about to thank him for taking care of the situation, BUT NO, MY FRIENDS, SHE TELLS THIS GUY THAT SHE CAN TAKE CARE OF HERSELF AND THAT A MAN STANDING UP FOR HER, WHILE VERY KIND, JUST DIMINISHES HER AUTHORITY. AGAIN, YAAAASSSS GURL.

Thompson comes back to the briefing room and tells Peggy that even though she basically has insider information about Stark and his actions, she's better off filing since she's better at that thing than everyone else.

She quips back:


He just scoffs and leaves the paperwork with her. Sousa hilariously jokes that Thompson must have had his personality shot off in Iwo Jima. Alright, I already ship this. It was bound to happen eventually, and we are only 7 minutes in. Fabulous.


Peggy sits in a diner, reading yet another newspaper, still about Howard Stark but it shows a massive picture of Captain America instead just to give fans all the feels. A waitress, Angie played by Lindsay Fonseca/Ted's daughter on HIMYM, approaches Peggy. They kibbutz about men being assholes in general and at that, one of Angie's patrons starts cracking wise, all sexist-like. I know that this is set in 1946 and this type of behaviour is totally typical, but it's going to get super old, super quickly.

Peggy picks up a piece of pie from THE MOST AMAZING VENDING MACHINE EVER, and arrives back at her table to see a note saying to "Meet in the alley in five minutes." She looks around to see who could have left the note but sees no one.

She exits the diner and is immediately approached by a British man emerging from the shadows. He tells her that she's coming with him and Peggy decides that no, she's most definitely not. She punches him out and tries to get back into the diner, but the door has locked behind her. She starts to run down the alley as she is now being chased by a car. She shoots out the tires and the car crashes into some garbage. She lifts her gun as the driver's side door opens. And who do we have?

Mr. Howard Stark, himself. What a dick.


After we return, Peggy and Stark are now in the back of the car Peggy presumably just shot the tires out of. So... magic car? It's also being driven by the man that Peggy punched out. Fun times.

Stark says he's being set up. He says that he had a vault where he kept his "bad babies," inventions that were too harmful for public use.

Peggy asks why he makes these "bad babies" at all, and Stark contends that he essentially makes everything he thinks of but controls what he actually sells. THIS IS A TERRIBLE PLAN. Like, fine, if you have bad ideas, write them down AND THEN BURN THEM DON'T MAKE THEM!

Someone has robbed Stark of his weaponry and now the weapons are popping up all over the black market. Peggy asks why he doesn't just tell the Senate but Stark believes that they'll just believe that he's done it all himself, to make some extra money.

That seems like faulty logic to me, since Stark is a gazillionaire, but whatever.

Stark tells Peggy that he wants her to clear his name. He also namedrops Red Skull because it's been awhile since we had a movie mention.

They drive to a marina and Howard boards a speedboat. He tells Peggy that he's going to try and stop more sales of his "babies." However, there's one about to be sold right where Peggy is! How convenient! It's just a slip of paper with a chemical formula on it but if it were to ever be made: boom. She just needs to intercept the sale, easy as pie.

Peggy doesn't exactly agree but Howard takes her silence as consent. He tells her that his butler, the man Peggy punched, is named Edmund Jarvis (!) and that he will be happy to help Peggy in any way he can. Stark boats off and Peggy returns to Jarvis, who is still standing by the car. She tells him that the next time he approaches a woman in a dark alley to introduce himself. He concedes that that is probably a good idea.

The next day at the telephone company.

Sousa is still at his desk working, looking at pictures of Stark and a blonde on the boat we just saw him take off on. Peggy sees this and immediately tells him that no way Stark was on a boat, he hates the water and that Sousa is definitely barking up the wrong tree. Sousa believes this, hook, line and sinker (Boat jokes! Hilarious!).

He also conveniently tells her that Thompson has heard of a fence for one of Stark's stolen items.

Peggy uses her feminine wiles and brings in coffee to the briefing room so she can eavesdrop. She learns that the fence has a weakness for blondes and sees a picture of who she's looking for. She also wheedles out a sick day by complaining of "lady's things." Peggy knows what she's got, and she knows how to use it. Pro.

La Martinique.

Dancing is in full swing at the club where Peggy is to meet her fence.

We see the fence in a meeting with James Frain. He says that if what he's sold to him is what he says it is, he'll be very rich. He asks James Frain what else he stole from Stark, but Frain remains silent. Frain leaves and is escorted out of the club by a bodyguard who happens to pass...

Blonde Peggy Carter.

A man approaches, asking for a dance. She responds in a flawless American accent that she would only step on his toes. He graciously leaves her alone, meaning he is actually a decent human being. Yay!

She notices that no one is allowed up to see Mr. Raymond, the fence, but she charms her way up with her blonde ways. She goes up, but first re-applies her lipstick: Sweet Dreams.

She enters the room and proceeds to sweet talk Raymond into telling her if he has Stark's formula. He does concede to having it, but not on him. He then kisses her forcefully which actually knocks him out. Sweet Dreams indeed. Peggy's annoyed since she still doesn't know the location of the formula, so she proceeds to search the room. She finds the safe easily enough and luckily has a handy dandy watch gadget that pops the safe for her. Unfortunately, what's waiting for her is not just a simple piece of paper. It's the completed formula. Boom.


Jarvis residence.

Jarvis runs to the phone and hears Peggy on the other side. She explains that she found the bomb instead of the formula and asks him for help in dismantling it. Conveniently, Jarvis has all of Stark's notes handy and tells her how to render the bomb a dud.

At this point, the gentlemen from SSR have arrived on the scene all suited up. And a mysterious man watches someone go up to Raymond's suite.

Back inside of Raymond's suite, Peggy puts the bomb in her purse, as you do, and just before she can leave, a man arrives at the door. She promptly knocks him out with a stapler and drags him into the room. This girl strong.

She quickly makes her escape and passes the mysterious man on the stairwell. She then sees her co-workers and decides the only way to evade them is to dance with the guy that asked her to dance earlier. Not sure why, since she's in disguise and she can just sneak by them, but whatever.

Raymond wakes up in his office and sees the safe open. Initially I thought Peggy left it open and was like, gurl, that's some pedestrian shit, you left it open? Turns out, nope, girl was good, it's the mysterious man that opened it. Who then promptly shoots Raymond in the head after being told a certain blonder ripped off his bomb. Bye, bye, Ray.

The SSR team then bursts into Raymond's suite (I guess long enough for that mysterious man to disappear) and finds Raymond dead on the floor. Teddy hilariously says that they probably shouldn't have spent so much time getting dressed. Amazing.

Peggy gets back home and her roommate is there, home with a fever. Apparently they only have one bed in this place. Fantastic. Peggy quickly tosses her wig to the side and of course has perfect non-wig hair underneath. Her roommate compliments her and Peggy's all yeah, I know, but I gots to go diffuse this bomb in our bathroom right now, can you wait?

She safely is able to do so because Agent Peggy Carter is nobody's bitch. Also, the show is called Agent Carter and we know she survives til at least her 90s so we're not getting rid of her this early. Colleen on the other hand... Sorry babes, but being Peggy Carter's roommate has its disadvantages. Peggy hears a commotion in the bedroom and comes back to find her roomie shot in the head. She sees the mysterious man reflected in the mirror and...


Peggy and the mysterious man get into a major scuffle and Peggy beats the shit out of him.

She also notices a mark on his neck which will be important later. Then she tosses him out the window. You can't get your deposit back on that, I'm sure. She looks out the window and sees that mysterious man has disappeared. Umm... no, impossible, but whatever.

Peggy goes back to her roomie's side and cries and everything is sad.


Peggy and Jarvis sit back to back in connecting booths. They discuss her roommie's death and that fortunately, Peggy can't be tied to it. Peggy whinges for a bit like a martyr about how everyone close to her gets killed which defs sucks but it's a bit of a cliché and the writers had been doing so well. Jarvis comforts her and then they get back to business. Peggy still has the empty bombshell in her purse but says that she won't be able to bring it into work to be analyzed. Jarvis says he might know someone show can help.

Stark Industries.

They ask Dr. Vanko, one of Stark's scientists about the bomb. He tells them that only one oil refinery could have produced anything for it, Roxxon Oil. He also says that the bomb may no longer be volatile but it is still active. It is emitting Vita Rays and at that Peggy's ears perk up. She rushes out to...

SSR. She takes out a box that says "Project Rebirth." It has all the case files related to Steve Rogers and she swoons over some pictures of him for awhile. They do a flashback to the movie, which I didn't find necessary but I guess they're trying to give the fans as much of Chris Evans as possible.

Sousa walks in on Peggy looking at the file and they talk a bit about the war and it's cute but it's inconsequential. Anyway, Peggy finds what she's looking for in the box and takes it.

Random apartment.

Mysterious man starts typing on a Fringe-typewriter and types something and then waits until someone types back. He tells whoever is on the other side that the recovery of the bomb was compromised. He lets them know that it was Agent Carter and asks if he can kill her. Yeah, dude, no problem!


Roxxon Oil.

Jarvis and Peggy stake out the oil refinery and see that it is heavily guarded. She takes off to go kick ass and take names.

She is wearing some badass trousers and is using what she took out of Steve's box which turns out to be a Vita Ray radiation meter. She follows the signal and knocks out her first victim. She then comes across James Frain with a scientist taking out one of Stark's bombs from a massive container. So apparently this organization only has one guard for the area with the bombs. Good planning.

Back in the car, Jarvis sees a pickup truck approaching and immediately radios Peggy. Of course, it comes in too loudly and James Frain and his scientist friend hear her. Scientist friend pulls a gun and James Frain grabs a bomb. Peggy has disappeared until....

She blasts Scientist Guy with a ray of light. This knocks him out but causes James Frain to run away with the bomb. She chases after him and she shoots after him to a milk truck. He opens the doors of the milk truck to reveal... a truck full of bombs.


James Frain reveals the same mark on his throat as the mysterious man. He then brings out a microphone-like device that helps him communicate through his scarred trachea.

Peggy wants to know who he is and he responds that he's a businessman. Thank God he doesn't say he's no one of consequence or I would have died from eye rolling. She asks him about the mysterious man with the scar like his and he says that that man no longer has a name. How inconvenient for my purposes. He then tells her Leviathan is coming which is definitely going to be a major plot in upcoming episodes.

He then smashes the bomb and tells Peggy she has 30 seconds to get out of there. Peggy does some excellent acrobatics and leaps onto Jarvis' moving car.

She also somehow maneuvers herself into the car. Roxxon then explodes into a massive ball of fire and then it implodes, just as Stark had promised.


Thompson comes up to Boss Man and tells him that he may have a lead on the blonde from the club where Raymond was killed. Sousa then lets them know that Roxxon Oil has imploded so they jet off to investigate.


Peggy and Jarvis powwow about their latest adventure. Jarvis says he'll look into Leviathan in Stark's files. Peggy counters that she'll look into the milk truck that was housing all of Stark's "bad babies." They are adorable together and I love their partnership, it is too cute.

Peggy then notices the patron from the beginning of the episode harassing Daughter. She takes matters into her own hands with only a fork and omg she is such a badass.

Peggy leaves the diner, dons some killer shades and walks off.


We then see Jarvis on the phone with what sounded like Mrs. Stark. He then smiles and says that Peggy will make an excellent candidate and that she won't suspect a thing. Um... have you met her?

But that ends AGENT CARTER PILOT!!!

I am so excited for this show, I am already head over heels, I can only hope that other people take to it as I have.

Please join me for recaps for the season! All images and GIFs found on Tumblr.