Spending an Evening with Noel Fielding

This year has been filled with sadness and trauma from the very get-go. From the untimely deaths of people like David Bowie and Alan Rickman, to the many horrible attacks around the world, we have slingshot from one morose event to the next. 

I had a chance to see Noel Fielding on his first North American tour this past Tuesday, the day of the Brussels terrorist attack and the day that former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford died. What started out as a sad day ended in mirth and laughter. Because that's what Noel Fielding does. 

Noel Fielding understands pain and he knows that other people and his audience feels it too. He chooses to use his talents to transport people into a fantasy world for 2 hours. He erases the pain for awhile. You forget you're in a an uncomfortable chair with someone's purple toque blocking your way. You're in Noel's world which is a happy place full of Hakuna Matata. No worries for a small amount of time. 

I got quite frustrated a few days ago when someone on Twitter said that every time, before you hit publish on your latest podcast (which could sub in for blog post, review, comic, song, movie, etc.), ask yourself whether it's special. And if it's not, DON'T PUBLISH IT (won't say who it was, but if you go far enough back on my Twitter feed, you can probably figure it out). I felt quite upset about this and it took me a bit of time to figure out why. Not only is it an incredibly snobby thing to say, I would never write a single word ever again if I had to make sure that everything coming from my keyboard was "special". 

How do we even determine what's special? We're already constantly concerned with censoring ourselves. If we had to stop and think  about each and every creative output, would any creativity even exist anymore?

Noel works in the "throw it at the wall and see if it sticks" capacity. You never know what's going to happen next. You don't know if what appears to be a misstep is actually highly calculated or was in fact a simple goof. He takes you out of reality for a couple of hours and you enter his world of "what if". From straightforward to absurd to surreal jokes, Noel covers the gamut of comedy with exuberance and childlike playfulness. Like my other fave, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Noel's genuine happiness and excitement to be on stage performing is palpable. 

I felt like I had witnessed something incredibly special watching his show. I know for a fact that I will never see anything like it, with its mix of stand-up, plasticine animation, costume changes and beautiful shirts. If you're lucky enough to be able to remove yourself from reality for two hours, please go spend an evening with Noel Fielding. 

Fangirl Friday

Podcast of the Week

Interrobang with Travis & Tybee

Looking for a podcast that's just as ranty as you? Look no further than Intereobang . Travis and Tybee go deep with stuff that gets under their skin, like completly owning your personality, why Fall Out Boy is awesome and how dogs can't speak English, God dammit! Download it on iTunes.  

Foundation of the Week

Mat Velvet

I'm constantly on the lookout for foundation that will give me high coverage and won't slide off my face soon after I've applied it. I'm still in Make Up For Ever's camp, and am loving their Mat Velvet finish. You only need a little to cover a lot and it lasts A LONG TIME! 

Comic Book of the Week


I never read Faith Herbert aka Zephyr's origin story but she has re-emerged in her own comic book series, Faith  . Faith is a 'psiot' who can fly who used to be part of a superhero crime fighting team. Now she's out fighting crime on her own by night and works as her alias Summer Smith, a columnist, by day. Though not much has happened in the first two issues, what drew me to the comic initially is that Faith is a plus-sized superhero and LITERALLY NO ONE MENTIONS IT. It's glorious and I can't wait to read more. 

Ship of the Week


Jane/Michael - Jane the Virgin

I took a mini-break from watching Jane the Virgin  so I just binged the latest episodes all at once. I forgot how much I adore these two. Sweet, compassionate and so in love, they are the least complicated part of this telenovela. They are endgame and I am glad to be back on board #TeamMichael! 

Feeling Stuck

I come to you with free time on my hands. Well, not exactly free time, I'm sure there's plenty I could be doing, like learning a new skill, updating my archives on Mind the Gap, researching job opportunities... but I kind of just sit.

I have a pile of newspapers at my feet with plenty of great information that I would love to learn about but I can't find the focus. I have two brand spanking new comic books that I love but haven't cracked them open yet because I just don't feel like reading. And I don't feel like looking at a screen either so writing this is becoming increasingly difficult.

There are days where I am completely uninspired to do anything. I know that this is symptomatic of depression. Nothing "sparks joy" as the kids are now saying (or at least fans of Marie Kondo) on certain days. I don't even want to be on Tumblr or play games which is definitely the lowest I get (I can't even handle distractions).

So what do I do in these situations? Well... I write about them. It's the only thing I can do. And it's a topic I come back to again and again because it's something that I have yet to completely overcome, and perhaps never will. 

However, when I'm able to get the feelings out, and when I can wrap my head around the idea that not every single day needs to be filled to the brim with productivity (though, few days truly are), I can start giving myself a little bit of a break. It's okay to not want to read today. It's okay that nothing holds that much appeal. Because in five minutes, ten minutes, 10 hours time, things could be completely different. And this idea of being "stuck" got me writing on this site again after many months. That's something.

I don't know what this is anymore

This website, something that once filled me with excitement and joy only fills me with panic and dread now. Something that was a new project that I was proud of is now something that every time I think about it, I cringe. I don't know what this site is anymore. All I know is that it feels completely abandoned and that upsets me.  

It's become a total mosh-mash of things, personal confessions mixed in with pop culture reviews. It's like its struggling to stay alive but it doesn't know how to draw it's next breath. And that's because I don't know how to keep it going. 

I'm writing almost every day for Mind the Gap Zine and I'm so happy about that. I've contributed to The Edge and to Cinefilles. That's awesome to me. But this, my first baby, has become a burden and I don't want it to feel like that anymore. Either I step up my game and begin to fill the 1s and 0s of this webpage with content or I let it go. And I don't think I'm prepared to leave it be just yet. 

So no promises right now. No lofty projects that never get completed. Just a hope that I can get the spirit back and return Jane's Views back to its former glory (or whatever it had before). I'm not giving up on baby just yet. 

Fangirl Friday

This week I'm excited about a lot of things so I have to do a Fangirl Friday.

Game of the Week

Life Is Strange

Never have I been quite so enamoured with a video game that  you do so little in. Life is Strange is a narrative choose-your-own-adventure video game in five chapters and the final chapter was just released a couple of days ago. It's about a senior in high school, Max, who discovers she has the ability to turn back time, which is great because she's able to stop her best friend Chloe from being murdered. However, every action has an equal and opposite reaction and with every choice you make in the game, the more things get altered. This incredibly well-done, emotionally stirring game is a must play, especially for fans of TellTale Games.


tv of the week

Jane the Virgin

I know I've spoken about Jane the Virgin already but I never actually finished the first season. In search of a show I could binge (and seeing that it was up on Netflix) I started it up again. GEE WHIZ is this show bananas in the best possible way. There's really not much to explain (the basic concept is a virgin gets accidentally artificially inseminated and then everything goes absolutely NUTS) except the show is beautiful and unbelievably addictive. Once you're in, it's hard to get out.


Song of the Week

Hello - Adele

Really, how could it be anything other than this? This is bombshell news. ADELE IS BACK! AND BACK WITH AN AMAZING TRACK. This could have been an Episode I nightmare of building up anticipation to only be let down. BUT IT'S NOT. BECAUSE THIS SONG IS GORGEOUS. I am legitimately counting down the days til this album drops.